Roots Of Insanity First Gameplay Trailer Features Bucket-Loads Of Gore

Crania Games recently put out a new trailer for their Unreal Engine 4-powered game, Roots of Insanity. The trailer starts by explaining that the main character, Dr. Riley McClein, no longer knows himself anymore and that things have changed. He suffers from epileptic fits and finds himself stuck inside the August Valentine Hospital.

The game takes place inside the hospital where players will explore the gory halls and blood-filled rooms where dead bodies and scattered body parts lay about.

The game is very similar to the likes of the old-school Resident Evil games with the zobies lounging around waiting to be picked off. Thankfully, this isn’t like Outlast or other games where you’re a helpless victim waiting to turn into zombie bait. You can actually hit back, as evidenced in the video below, courtesy of MathChief.

It’s an indie game so the quality is obviously wanting, but it’s also still in development so there’s plenty of time for the game to see major improvements.  We don’t get much of a scope on the weapons that will be at your disposal, but at least we know that this guy can fight back.

One of the other things worth pointing out is that the first-person hand interactions are really well done. It’s impressive that there are proper animations for interacting with objects, also the player-view models properly connect with the world-view objects. That’s a fine feat given how many AAA games don’t even have proper hand interactions with doors, windows and other interactive objects within the environment.

Another cool thing is that when you look down the player-character actually has legs that are animated properly to the motion of the character actor. It’s so frustrating knowing that so many other first-person games out there lack proper body rendering when you look down. It’s annoying just seeing a dinkly little shadow where your player entity/actor is supposed to be.

Anyway, Roots of Insanity still has a long ways to go in the developmental arena, but they’re seeking votes over on Steam Greenlight and you can also keep track of the game’s progress by visiting the official Roots of Insanity website.


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