Sony Sells 50 Million PS4 Units

Sony has been on a roll with the PlayStation 4 this generation. Despite the console lacking any real killer apps and having only a few noteworthy first-party titles in its line-up other than Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne.

According to Engadget Sony recently confirmed that they’ve moved more than 50 million units of the PlayStation 4.

The console has managed to move over 396.6 million software units for both physical and digital releases.

They mention that other figures are a bit more obscure. For instance, there are no publicly available stats for the PS4 Pro after the console debuted this fall. They also don’t seem to have any stable stats for the PlayStation VR. The device launched this past October and according to Games Industry, market analysts suspect that the PSVR will likely sell less than 750,000 before 2016 is out.

VR has had a long fuse and a short spark when it came to hitting the marketplace. There was a lot of media attention given to VR but the sales just have not justified the hype.

Sony was expected to take the VR market by storm with the PlayStation VR, but things haven’t quite worked out so great given that the PlayStation VR’s line-up of games hasn’t been the most exciting catalog of games.

So far, the games are all demo-esque and are more like tech showcases than actual games for the PlayStation VR. Maybe if they get some more high-quality games and content it might improve the overall market appeal for the PlayStation VR and the PlayStation 4 Pro, the latter of which is designed to take advantage of the extra horse power to make VR games run more efficiently.

Overall, Sony seems to be doing quite well when it comes to the PlayStation 4, and the sales seem to be moving steadily ahead despite the lacking strength of its library.


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