Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Released With New Weapons, Ships; Switches To Lumberyard Engine
(Last Updated On: December 24, 2016)

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries announced that the alpha 2.6 update for Star Citizen has been released, featuring new ships to fly such as the the Origin 85X, Drake Caterpillar, Drake Herald and Aegis Vanguard Hoplite. They have a selection of new ship weapons available for pilots to use as well, including more than 25 new missile and laser weapons.

Over on the official Roberts Space Industries site they showcased all of the new content in alpha 2.6, including posting up a half-minute video featuring the weapons that you can check out below.

They’ve made many modifications to the vehicle and on-foot third-person camera, fixing many of the ‘under the hood” mechanics to make it more cinematic and user friendly, this includes three new camera modes for third-person view: chase camera, vehicle orbit and passenger orbit.

With the inclusion of the Star Marine module they’ve also introduced the new health system that sees players bleeding out. Bleeding is a stackable state, so the more you bleed out from different body parts, the more likely you are ot bite the dust. Each body part can also enter a damaged or bleeding state, so it’s possible to leg-shoot someone until you do the equivalent of severing an artery and have them bleed out to death.

You can stop bleeding by using the Medipen to fix the injured limb.

The new scoring and leaderboard system was also implement with Star Marine, along with two different game modes and two maps.

Arena Commander was also updated with the new Pirate Swarm game mode, along with new promotions done through a UEE Navy Arena Commander leaderboard.

Blues also pointed out that CIG has switched over to Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine, which is based on the CryEngine technology.

However, the switch came in favor of Amazon’s AWS cloud services for multiplayer networking. The Lumberyard is designed for large scale shards supporting massive multiplayer environments with better optimization and streamlined seeding over the CryEngine.

The CryEngine, Unreal Engine and Unity aren’t very convenient for massive, open-world, procedurally designed MMOs. They’re better suited for high-end, small, instanced area environments. However, RSI and CIG wanted to go for super high-fidelity rendering and the CryEngine was perfect for that sort of stuff early on in development, so that’s why they went with the CryEngine. However, the engine scales horribly for MMOs, which is why they’ve eventually switched to the Amazon’s AWS and Lumberyard.

In their production schedule they note that gamers can expect new mercenary missions and quests, repair functions for the ships and new salvage features in version 3.2, due next year. They also have plans on adding six new ships. 3.3 will go even further by adding farming, rescue missions, professions and new solar system locations.

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  • Ebalosus

    To quote myself from leddit:

    Chris Roberts: “BTW we changed over to Amazon’s CryEngine implementation for better network scalability. As of 2.6, it’s all done!”

    Games Media: “Star Citizen is changing its engine after four years of work!”

    Now to sit back and wait on Gamergate to slam the media for their obvious misreporting of the issue…

    • Yeah I saw Nichegamer do that bullshit.

      • Ebalosus

        I’ve seen an awful lot of people, egregiously people who should know better, do the same.

        It goes back to something Pat Condell once said: “Nobody trusts the media, yet everyone believes what they are saying.”

        Also like to take the chance to pat myself on the back for pointing this out for over a year now:

        Star Citizen could fart in the wind, and everyone would be writing their eulogies for the project; but Fig ripping off its investors, Feminist Frequency and Kenji Inafune ripping off their backers, and all you’ll get is a deafening silence.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Oddly enough, I was thinking about Amazon Lumberyard for whatever reason. This is the first game I’ve heard of using it.

  • David T

    Duke Nukem Forever anyone?

    • Ebalosus

      They switched from Crytek’s CryEngine 3.8.1 all the way over to Amazon’s Lumberyard…which is also CryEngine 3.8.1. It took them a whopping two whole days to go from CryEngine 3.8.1 to CryEngine 3.8.1 with better networking infrastructure.

      • David T

        I think you’re right in that it isn’t a major change but it still valid that they have been promising to deliver this over 4 years and counting…with no real end in sight. I saw deliver but in fairness there’s never really been a date… so they technically never missed a deadline. Right?