Street Fighter 5: Akuma Story Walkthrough And Combo Gameplay Guide

Akuma has made his way to Street Fighter V after a lot of requests from fans and tons of begging from the FGC. Well now that the demon of martial arts has found his way into Street Fighter V, there are already combo guides and walkthrough videos popping up featuring the iconic fighter from Capcom’s long-running series.

Akuma’s story mode playthrough is pretty short and YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames managed to put out a video highlighting his story. You can check it out below.

The character story starts with Gen giving his final, dying speech before being punched to death by Akuma.

Akuma is basically told that he will never achieve true greatness because he must walk the path of the divine by embracing humanity, but Akuma chooses not to. His first fight is against the soul devour, Necalli.

After defeating Necalli, the soul devourer tries to eat Akuma anyway. And then Akuma bursts Necalli to pieces.

Street Fighter V - Akuma Story

Akuma goes to fight Ryu and after beating him to a pulp, Ryu gives a cheesy existential speech about living through the fists and only answering the call of destiny through fighting.

Akuma takes flight, apparently to go kick more butt in Tekken 7.

For those of you curious about Akuma’s moves… there’s a complete listing of them provided in the eight minute video by DrewTonyZ that you can check out below.

He starts with Akuma’s basic Neutrals, proceeds to go through his Crouching Neutrals, which are just the basic face buttons and heavy attacks while holding down. There’s then a the jumping attacks, including Neutral jumps, defensive jumps and offensive jumps.

They go through his throws, and his V-Skills, which include being able to counter attacks. His V-Trigger : Dohatsu Shoten can change attack properties for some special moves, and his V-Reversal can be used to create separation when an opponent is too close.

The video then covers his unique moves, crush counters, and his special moves, which includes his fireballs, special fireballs, V-Trigger fireballs, and jumping fireballs. He can also use a V-Trigger version of the jumping air fireballs or Zanku Hadoken. He has the basic and EX Dragon Uppercut, along with a V-Trigger Dragon Uppercut; the same applies for the Tatsumaki Zankukyaku, also known as the whirlwind/tornado kick.

There’s also a jumping and sliding Hyakki attacks that can be executed in a number of different ways and combined and chained using the EX gauge or V-Trigger.

The video rounds out with Akuma’s Critical Arts, which are some of the most visually impressive in Street Fighter V.

Once you get the basics underway, you can then begin to take on the more complex skills and combos, such as anti-airs, tech-throws and punishes. There’s a cool video from ahmz1404 featuring nine minutes of the more hardcore, advanced techniques you can execute in Street Fighter V using Akuma.

The video showcases the cross-attacks, redirectional air attacks, as well as ground-to-air combo transitions for opponents who are crouch guarding.

Akuma is available right now for Street Fighter V on PC and PS4, and could breathe some life back into the game now that he’s in the game.


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