Street Fighter 5 Holiday DLC Features Sexy Outfits For The Ladies

Capcom announced that Christmas themed DLC will be made available for Street Fighter V on PC and PS4. The themed holiday pack contains some Christmas outfits for the guys and some super sexy outfits for the gals.

The ladies of Street Fighter V obviously received the most loving when it comes to the new DLC. Juri is in a sexy skirt and bra, while Karin gets shorts and a cropped top, and Laura is in a skimpy string bikini thong and bra. They went all out on this one. You can see what the costumes look like in the trailer below.

The announcement was made recently over on the Street Fighter YouTube channel, where they revealed that those attending the PlayStation Experience weekend can play-test the content for free.

The DLC will feature six costumes and one new stage. You’ll be able to purchase each outfit individually for $3.99 or in a bundle pack for $19.99. The DLC will only be available for a limited time up until January 17th, 2017.

Gamers are none too pleased with the price tag on the DLC, especially the reskin of the New York map with a coat of snow and some Christmas paraphernalia. Others were frustrated that Capcom has been focusing more on costume DLC instead of finishing up Akuma and adding him to the game. Others were just happy to see more boobs.

Capcom has been defying their ‘T’ for ‘Teen’ rating ever since the vanilla game came out. Directly after the ESRB secured them the Teen label they’ve been going all out in throwing in some super sexy outfits, with plenty of bouncing boobs and butts on display. In fact, the women in Street Fighter V are almost more voluptuous and curvaceous than the women in Dead or Alive 5, and the latter is rated ‘M’ for Mature.

Anyway, Capcom will announce when the new Christmas themed DLC will be available at the PlayStation Experience this weekend.

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