Street Fighter 5 Mods Add WWE’s Sting, The Green Ranger
Street Fighter 5 Power Ranger Mod

Mods for Street Fighter V continue to roll out for various characters, with the community creating all sorts of cool new gameplay opportunities for gamers to experiment with and have some new kinds of fun with Capcom’s fighter for the PC and PS4…. well, mainly just for PC.

Some of the new mods that are fairly noteworthy that dropped for Street Fighter V recently come from modder monkeygigabuster. The first mod up turns M. Bison into the Green Ranger from Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The mod is super slick and well modeled. You can see what the mod looks like in action with the video below, demonstrating the Green Ranger in the story mode of the game.

Monkeygigabuster also replaced Nash with the Red Ranger, so you can have a cool little showdown between the Red Ranger and the Green Ranger, just like in the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers television show.

The mod is no simple replacement, though. It’s a hefty modification that will require 100MB worth of space to replace M. Bison. You can download the mod from over on the DeviantArt page.

There’s another mod as well, turning Alex the wrestler into “The Icon”, Sting.

It’s based on the Crow Sting, the one with the white and black facepaint and long hair, which was always my favorite iteration of the WCW and now WWE hall of famer.

The mod is also from monkeygigabuster, so it’s all coming from the same place. Sting is wearing the scorpion shirt and tights, along with the gloves. He has a Capcom title belt around his waist. In one of the images Sting has his trademark black bat in hand.

Just like with the Green Power Ranger, the mod is no slouch when it comes to memory and you’ll need to have at least 124MB free for the Sting mod.

You can download the mod from over on


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