Super Mega Baseball 2 Will Feature Slightly More Realistic Baseball Players

The team at Metalhead Software revealed the first gameplay video for the upcoming Super Mega Baseball 2 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The upcoming sports title features cartoony graphics, lighthearted gameplay and casual sports fun for the whole family.

The new video from Metalhead Software sees the team focusing on conveying what’s changing for the game and what will change for the game. For instance, it’s mentioned that the character models have been slightly altered so they’re a little more realistically proportioned, but not by much. This will change the way they move and behave and could have some slightly different effects when it comes to chasing down and striking out players.

It’s also mentioned that they had to brush up the animations, and tweak the lighting so that it realistically conveys more of what the environments are like. You can check out the video below.

They also talk about tweaking the gameplay, making things tighter and funner and more enjoyable for the overall gaming community.

Super Mega Baseball at its core is still designed to appeal to casual gamers. This isn’t the rFactor of baseball. You’re not expected to crunch numbers and do advanced algebra trying to figure out if the player you chose is the right fit for the field. It’s just about having fun and playing some ball.

Graphically Super Mega Baseball 2 looks decent enough. The shadow rendering is dynamic, complete with soft shadows and some ambient occlusion. We get to see some high-quality texture work at play, giving the field a nearly realistic grassy look. And the players maintain enough disproportion to remind gamers that it’s all being done in good fun.

You can look for Super Mega Baseball 2 to launch in the middle of 2017 (likely the second quarter) for Steam on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For more info and to keep track of development you can visit the official Super Mega Baseball website.


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