Super Ninja Hero VR Arrives On Steam For HTC Vive

Wuhan Firegame recently released their first-person, survival shooter for the HTC Vive called Super Ninja Hero VR. The game puts players in the role of a ninja hero who must battle through supernatural forces in order to stop some bad guys. You know… typical ninja hero stuff.

The game is played from first-person, as mentioned above, and you will have a variety of short-range and long-range gadgets at your disposal, including kunai, a bow and arrow, and claws. You can see what the gameplay is like with the demonstration video below, showcasing how levels are selected, how combat is initiated and how players can defeat enemies.

The game supports English and simplified Chinese, and it’s surprisingly rated ‘E’ for Everyone due to mild language and violence.

The actual gameplay seems to be a collage of various challenge levels strung together with a variety of enemies to defeat and various gadgets to employ while doing so.

The Steam store description seems to have nothing in the way of an actual story or why this Super Ninja Hero is going around busting nuts and cracking stones, but I guess if you’re a Super Ninja Hero you don’t need a reason to slice bad guys in half and pimp slap supernatural entities back to the underworld.

The game does support room scaling and standing, and also has support for the HTC Vive’s wireless motion controllers.

There are no user reviews posted yet, so there’s really no telling exactly how good or how bad the game is until more people offer up their take on the title.

Anyway, the game is available right now for $9.99 over on the Steam store. During the first week of being on sale you can also get for the discounted rate of 20% off the normal price. The concept of the game seems cool, but it’s really hard to get a proper gauge of the title when the gameplay videos are kind of sparse and there’s no proper feedback from users… yet.


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