Tales Of Berseria Rated Teen For Partial Nudity, Language, Blood
Tales of Berseria ESRB Rating

Minor blood stains, language, alcohol and partial nudity all make an appearance in Bandai Namco’s upcoming Tales of Berseria for the PS4 and PC in North America. The game was recently rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

Game Idealist did a quick write-up about the rating for Tales of Berseria, where they detailed that the game will have some amounts of violence, including a guy getting impaled by a sword, they point out there are blood stains depicted in some scenes, and that a man “repeatedly shoots himself in the head” at one point. Really curious to see how that plays out.

As far as the partial nudity is concerned… it doesn’t sound like much, with the official ESRB page stating…

“The game contains some suggestive material: female characters and creatures depicted partially nude (no genitalia or nipples are seen); suggestive references in the dialogue (e.g., “You mean it feels good to get whipped,” “Your butt is a bit bulky,” and “Eating lots of vegetables will give you bazongas”)”

I wonder if that line about eating vegetables is referring to balloons or balls? I’m pretty sure it’s the former, but given how emasculated men have become in America this generation under the kakistocracy of regressive politics peddled in our education system, I wouldn’t be surprised if it referred to the latter.

Anyway, there’s a bit of alcohol and some minor foul language.

The brief mention about the man being impaled makes me wonder if Bandai may have slipped back in that one scene that was supposedly censored in the West? According to Namco, had they kept that scene in it would have ratcheted up the rating to an 18+ instead of the 16+ they managed to secure ahead of release.

Anyway, you can look for Tales of Berseria to launch on PS4 in the West starting January 24th, and on Steam starting January 26th.


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