Tales Of Berseria Was Censored Due To Rating, Claims Bandai Namco
(Last Updated On: December 10, 2016)

Tales of Berseria has been censored for the Western release in order to maintain a 16+ rating (in Europe) and a Teen rating in North America, according to Bandai Namco.

RPG Site spotted the message from Bandai Namco on their official Facebook page where they announced that for the January launch of Tales of Berseria on PC and PS4 in the West, they had to make some concessions, stating…

“The violence depicted in the original Japanese scene in Tales of Berseria would not allow us to keep our current 16 rating. A major change in our rating wouldn’t have allowed to share the game with as many fans as we’d like and it would have prevented us many opportunities to show the game on social networks, websites and even during events. Therefore, instead of deleting the sequence, we decided to rework a portion of the scene to keep its importance in the story. We’ve ensured its impact in the story is the same. Even if the exact actions are different, their consequences are exactly the same”

A lot of people instantly flipped out when the news first broke about the censorship because Bandai originally said they wouldn’t be censoring the game, and everyone was looking forward to the release. In recent times a lot of games have been hit with serious censorship that has caused gamers to lose faith in both the publishers and the media, given that the media has oftentimes sided with those advocating censorship, like with the debacle involving Fire Emblem: Fates.

According to Bandai Namco, they addressed the claims that were made about censorship in a previous interview, claiming…

“You may have read in an interview that we had promised not to censor the game in the West. The statement applied only to the Velvet’s outfit at the time, and we did our best to keep the game as close to the Japanese version as possible.

“This is the only scene which has been altered from the Japanese version of the game. Everything else is exactly the same as the Japanese version including costume designs which you will be able to see for yourself once we release the demo on January 10th.”

The other responses to Bandai’s response was from people asking why they didn’t inform the community about this change beforehand?

I think the lack of communication or the hope that gamers wouldn’t spot the differences is kind of silly given that gamers are known to have a keen sense of paying attention to detail… especially a game that they’re going to be combing for any instances of censorship following claims from the publisher that the game wouldn’t be censored.

A lot of faith was lost in Bandai Namco over the move, but the company promises that that was the only scene modified and that the rest of the game will stay intact.

Tales of Berseria is due out in North America for the PS4 and PC on January 24th , on PC on January 26th, and in Europe on January 27th.

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  • They could have at least released it uncensored on PC.

  • I consider it to be lying by omission regarding the censored scene. If they were upfront as soon as possible, well, this wouldn’t be as bad as it is now after they were exposed for lying, because they truly betrayed hundreds, if not thousands, of people’s expectations by refusing to say, “Oh, by the way, we promised the untouched outfit, but story elements are another factor”. And even then, I call bullshit, because a silhouette of a murder is not comparable to the violence seen in Western-developed, Teen-rated games.

    Fuck you, Bandai Namco.

  • Nakua

    They made this statement when lots of people already perordered the game. They are the worst and pathetic, praise the gods i do not preorderer it, i will never buy another Bandai game in future. Shitty company full of liers.

    ps: the rating excuse is ridiculous, nobody believe a scene like this can get the game an AO rating. No, no, scum liers.

    • Alistair

      And the same when echhi games that got sexual overtures that won’t get the dreaded AO.

      if I was a dev and did get the AO I would put it on my web store.

      And before Sony won’t allow it they have too like what they gonna do.

      They forgot the very thing and the regressions forgot too.

      It called a “free market” once regressions and Sony intervened it not so free market and as a dev I can challenge that in court.

  • Alistair

    The rating boards are a fickle lot.

    They don’t censor sqat all, but give out a rating.

    YOU can kill people In a PEGI 16 DMC is proof of that.

    so my gut feeling is bamco is at fault. And they are lying.

    But it the NDA that makes it worse, if DEVs do not do NDA they would say the rating boards didn’t like this & that.

  • It’s NISA and their “It’s the big mean, scary ratings board!” all over again…

  • There seems to be mixed opinions from commentors on this on other sites, some blaming the ratings boards and some blaming Namco. Most seem to be pointing the finger at Namco though.

    – The people who are blaming Namco are saying that the ESRB/PEGI have allowed for worse content before for the Teen rating, and are accusing Namco of chickening out to SJW pressure; company PR; lacking balls to tell ESRB/PEGI to do one; or/and outright lying.

    – The people who are blaming the ratings boards are saying they’ve gotten too strict over the last few years and some are saying they’ve been “infiltrated” by SJWs.

    Interestingly, a commenter on Niche Gamer told me that Japan’s rating board CERO has gotten extremely strict over the last few years. This person goes on to say that, in his own words:

    “They go down a checklist and tick off things the game does or does not have.

    Accordingto Masahiro Sakurai during development of Smash4, nowadays the first thing CERO does with every game character is flip them to see if
    underwear is shown, which is “problematic”. He was not allowed to have
    Peach or Zelda’s panties visible, for example. Palutena’s design didn’t
    permit a void so she was given little booty shorts instead. (Yet ZSS in a
    balloon-titty skinsuit was fine.)

    As another example, Kairi had pink panties with a bow in KH2 (only visible by hugging up camera against a corner of the final rest area), in 2.5 they are gone. Things have gotten bad in both Japanese censor boards and ours.”

    Remember, the above quote is his own words. It’s not my view and I cannot confirm what he said.

    But anyway, regarding Namco and Tales Of Censoria, I don’t know what to say to be honest. My finger is slightly pointing at the ratings boards now. Or are Namco becoming SJW like NISA?

    • LurkerJK

      Ratings are completely arbitrary and show an obvious bias against Japanese games.

      I agree with the lack of balls, digital sales give them a chance to avoid the whole “not being stocked” thing, they need to stand their ground, i imagine they eventually will, the censorship craze is costing them money while giving them a bad reputation with their customers

      • “Ratings are completely arbitrary and show an obvious bias against Japanese games.”

        Yeah, I definitely think that this is the case as well.

        I think the reason for this is that Western games are butchered from the get-go thanks to SJW infestation of seemingly almost every Western development team out there. So when they release it, it’s already been designed to pander to SJWs. Which of course, means that it automatically flows through the rating board’s approval.

        So therefore it’s only mainly Japanese games that has to endure these types of censorship because they are the ones that have the “problematic” material.

        • LurkerJK

          Designed for pandering is not the only reason, they play “favorites” a lot

          Last of us has a lot of violence against kids but nobody raised an issue since Naughty Dog is a SJW darling

          many indie games touch extreme subjects too, as long as you are in the white list everything is A-ok

    • ScarredBushido

      but in the japanese version it is a silhouette(?) so if anything the red sky and moon kinda represented the blood (imo) so…why was something that felt kinda tonned censored in west? to me it seems SJW’ry(gah)

  • LurkerJK

    How is this worse than Limbo maiming and stabbing the MC in different ways ?

    • It’s the same thing with Uncharted 4 and all the death scenes as well. People got stabbed, shot and crushed and they escaped with a Teen rating.

      • ScarredBushido

        it Australia it’s a MA 15+….man my country is fucked with the censorship.

  • Alistair

    No stabbing a minor goes in that book too.

    Ooohhh please think of the children 👶.

  • Brad Donald

    They said TRUST US.

    Then turned around and betrayed that TRUST.

    They really F&(*# up this one.