Tales Of Berseria’s Violence Censored In North American Version
(Last Updated On: December 9, 2016)

The North American release of Bandai Namco’s Tales of Berseria will fall victim to a small form of censorship (from what we know of thus far). Unlike other forms of censorship that usually targets female anatomy, clothing attire or proportion customization, this time around it’s violence that gets hit by the censorship stick.

A blatant comparison video was made by Censored Gaming that leaves nothing to question in regards to what’s getting censored in the game. You can see the two minute comparison below. **Obvious Spoilers Below**

So what did they change exactly? The death scene.

Arthur is lifted up into the air and a magical yellow slash appears across his body in the North American version. His body magically falls from suspension down a cliff where he’s grabbed just in a nick of time.

What doesn’t make sense is why his chest is bloody and why he’s falling down a cliff in the North American version of Tales of Berseria. In the Japanese version, his bloody chest and his fall down the cliff makes a lot more sense.

…It’s because he gets stabbed in the chest and flung off the cliff following the impalement.

In the Japanese version the context obviously makes a lot of sense, but in the North American version his death comes across as nonsensical since they remove the impaling part.

It could be Bandai’s way of securing a Teen rating. The game is due out on January 24th, 2017 for the PS3 and PS4 but it still hasn’t been rated yet in North America by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

It seems odd that a sword impaling would cause them to fret over the rating, if that’s even the actual problem. The fight scenes and violence in Uncharted 4 were far more violent than what was depicted there, as showcased by calloftreyarch who put together a montage of all the violent deaths in the game.

It’s hard to use the “violent” excuse when Uncharted 4 escaped unscathed with a ‘T’ for Teen rating. We’ll likely find out if more scenes and content have been censored for Tales of Berseria leading up to its release.

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  • Ax

    just so you people know, the kid death is a major part of the story but it is not just that, HOW he died is just as important as the stabbing plays a very important part at the ending and it also made it feel very personal. Now the impact is erased because MAGIC!

  • I might get pelted with rotten tomatoes for this, but Western censorship in video games have been going on for decades, as far back as the SNES/Genesis eras (and probably even further back).

    For example, take the games Final Fight 1 and Final Fight 2 on the SNES in the 90s. In the Japanese versions of these games, they contained female enemy characters – in FF1, Roxy/Poison; and in FF2: Mary, etc.

    In the USA versions, they completely removed the female enemies and replaced them with male enemies Billy, Leon, etc. as you can see in the image I uploaded.

    This kind of shit has been going on for decades. The situation virtually went unnoticed because back in the day, the Internet was virtually unknown, which of course meant no social media. The only way you could find out about this was either by playing both versions of the games yourself or reading a magazine that reported on it.

    The censorship awareness thing only really started to begin when Nintendo censored the blood in the SNES version of Mortal Kombat 1, that got gamers talking about it and how much it sucked.

    So anyway, fast forward to 2016 and it’s still the same crap the gamers and artists are having to suffer from because of some retard moral arbiters, which in this era, are the SJWs and feminists.

    Learning Japanese (and possibly Korean as well) seems to be only option now if the player really wants a 100% experience as the artist/developer intended. And even that’s NOT safe any more because some Japanese developers have already self-censored in fear of SJWs.


  • Dreiko

    I thought it was Japan censorin violence.

    Ah well, I played the Jp version already, great game. I urge everyone to learn Japanese, it feels unbelievably gratifying to give the finger to censorious motherfuckery such as this.

  • Ah, the old “Violence against fictional children is wrong!” chestnut…

    • You gotta think of the children!

      Despite them being fictional characters in a fictional story in a fictional video game!

  • Cinj

    Not even interested in the game to start with, but fuck this shit.

  • Deus Solaris

    This is why I barely want to play games anymore, the videogame industry is a SJW fuckfest

  • Can we PLEASE have more companies to trust other than, what, just XSEED, Idea Factory and SNK? I am REALLY tired of this shit happening.

  • Brad Donald

    This censorship pisses me off. Because it spits in the face of artistry. The scene had more emotional impact with the SWORD. In addition to making more sense.

    Also the lies about not censoring it.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Dey lied. I remember hearing about a conference where they said it wouldn’t be censored. Also, do we know if this just for the trailer or actually in game?