The Last Guardian Gameplay Walkthrough

Sony and Team Ico finally managed to do it… they finally managed to get The Last Guardian out to the public on the PS4. The 3D platformer is filled to the brim with puzzles and it’s no easy trek. If you find yourself getting stuck on certain segments or having a tough time solving certain puzzles, this gameplay walkthrough guide might be able to help you.

The game starts with a cinematic and the boy asleep on the ground. Use the left analog to wake the boy up. The tutorial will explain that pressing the Circle button will open levers and pick things up. You can throw objects with the Square button or drop them with ‘X’.

You’ll need to grab the barrels from around the environment and throw them toward Trico. Climb up on Trico and press the Circle button to to remove the spear jammed in the rear of its leg. You can see how to do so with the video below from RabidRetroSpectGames.

The food inside the barrels can be used to feed Trico. You must place the barrels just in front of Trico but not directly underneath him.

After feeding him you’ll need to climb up on Trico and press the lever on his neck. There’s also a spear on its right shoulder that you’ll need to take out as well.

After the short break, you can use the right bumper to call Trico to your location. Lead Trico over to the ledge where the light is shining through. Climb up Trico and bring the barrel out of the small crevice. Crawl through the crevice to get to the next part. Take the reflective plate from the room and crawl back through the hole.

You can use/wield the light shield with the digital pad. While the light is out hold down Circle to aim the light. You can use the light shield to aim it at breakable walls and have Trico break open the pathway for you.

Head through the next segment and dive into the water. Use the light shield to aim it at the giant wooden blockade and have Trico blast it open. If he’s not close enough then call him to your location and then have him blast it.

Head inside the cave, climb up the chain and push the crate over the ledge. Three wooden barrels should inside. Throw the barrels into the water and Trico will jump down to eat the barrels.

Swim over to toward the pathway near the waterfall and call over Trico. Climb up the giant beast and jump up onto the platform. Trico will follow.

You will need to go to the far end of the cave and climb up the ledge and crawl through the small opening toward the outside.

Once you get outside – while facing north, head to your right. There’s a thin pathway you can take and shimmy across to the other side.

Once you get across, aim the light at the wooden area across the chasm and Trico will create a pathway for the both of you.

Near the debris after you head through the first area, there’s a barrel that you can unearth by having Trico blast the debris with lightning.

Feed Trico and then call him over to the ledge that’s too high to reach on your own. Climb up Trico and then climb up the ledge.

Once you get outside, head over to the corner where it looks like the tower ascends and it appears to be a dead-end. Climb up on Trico and he’ll leap over to the next area. Inside you’ll find a barrel down one of the hallways. Feed it to Trico after you push the large pane object over the ledge.

Head through the hall and slowly lure Trico down the hallway, patiently guiding him to ward the area where the window is located where the light is shining through.

Climb up Trico and head through the small window; move around to the other side and then pull the lever to raise the gate and let Trico inside.

Following the cinematic, head down underneath the floor and travel across the bridge until you get to the guard’s chamber. When you surface and the guards begin to chase you, lure them back to Trico to have him kill them.

Climb up the posts inside the hall with the torches on them and you can travel through the upper part of the hall’s structure toward a chain that you can climb up. Go toward the ledge and call Trico, he’ll leap up to the platform with you.

Climb up on Trico and he’ll leap up on the platforms and take you to the other side of the structure and stick his head into the hole where some green stuff will be emanating from a pot; the smell will enchant Trico. Pull the pot over along the tracks and then go outside, climb up Trico, head back inside the room and close the pot.

Proceed to then push the pot to the farthest corner of the room.

Head back outside, call Trico to the corner where there’s a hole in the wall; climbup Trico and head through the hole. Get to the end of the ledge and call Trico.

Trico will leap up on the ledge and sit there; head back through the hole and then use Trico’s tale to climb up so you can proceed to the next segment, located at the 1:05:00 mark in the video at the top of the article.

Head into the tower, climb up the ledges and when Trico jumps up on the Ledge use his tail to climb up even further and then get the barrel in one of the crevices and feed it to him. Head around the room toward the lever and flip it to go inside.

Climb around the ledges and head down into the room where there’s a barrel. Call Trico to fight the guards who will try to take you away. Once the guards are dead and Trico is fed, head toward the broken ledge where there are torches aligning the wall with a door at the far end of the bridge. Climb up Trico and then leap onto the broken ledge to get inside.

Head to the gate and call Trico to burst through the wall and take out the guards.

Proceed through the pathway and run past the guards; climb up the ladder and lead the guards back to Trico so he can kill them. Proceed back to the way you were heading and call for Trico to take out the last guard.

You will need to venture through the pathway where the box is located to the left of the broken bridge. You’ll need to flip a lever, as showcased at the 1:28:00 mark. To get to the lever, have Trico jump up on the ledge after you climb up the ledge yourself. Climb up Trico and then jump off his back onto the broken ledge and head inside to flip the lever. It’s easy to get stuck at that part so be sure to watch the video segment at around the 1:25:00 mark to see exactly where you need to jump.

Call Trico back to the broken bridge. Stand on his head and direct him to jump across the broken bridge.

Direct Trico toward the archway across from a rickety broken ledge. Climb up Trico as he’s facing opposite of the broken ledge and jump toward the ledge.

Proceed inside, travel across the ledges, scale down the ledge and then pull the lever to let Trico inside. After the guards are dispatched, tell Trico to go near the far end of the room – climb up on his head and direct him up toward the ledge above. If you do it correctly he should stand up for you and you’ll be able to travel onto the ledge and head through the doorway toward the outside. Climb down the ledge, shimmy around the tower and climb back inside through the small opening.

Platform across the broken wooden beams until you get down onto the floor below. Time the lever pull to avoid being spotted by the guards so you can get Trico into the room.

Use Trico to reach the ledge above after pulling the lever. Stand on his head and have him jump across to the next ledge on the left side. Have him turn around and him up him and have him jump up onto the ledge on the opposite side. Then have Trico jump over to the broken stone ledge. Aim him up and have him jump up into the next room.

While inside the room, climb up Trico and jump onto the chain. Climb up, head around and pull the lever. Head back down, call Trico down, climb up on Trico and then direct Trico to jump up on the ledge. Make your way across the platforms into the next room and climb down the chain and head across the steps to unbar the doors and open them up.

Press the lever, which lowers the chain with the green mist in it, and grab the cauldron off the hook. Carry it upstairs and through the unbarred doors.

Take the green cauldron and place it on the chain in the other room where Trico is. Trico will try to eat it and when he does run underneath the gate. Push the mechanical wheel off the ledge after rolling it up the ramp. Have Trico eat at the cauldron again and push the gear wheel under the gate and call Trico into the room.

When you encounter the two glass panes with the eyes on them, head to where Trico is standing and if you’re facing north there will some guard heads you can pick up on your left. Use them to break the window panes.

Head down the platform and direct Trico across the broken track ledge after pushing the Illuminati eye off the track. Wait for Trico to put his head down when you alert him for help, and then jump across – he’ll gran you with his mouth.

Repeat the process again after pushing the second Illuminati talisman crate off the ledge.

When you get into the room with the two guards shooting magic at you and the talisman at the top trackway, head to the far end of the room, climb up the chain and use it to reach the platform where the talisman is. Push off the talisman and Trico will destroy the guards.

Proceed outside and move through the area to flip the lever and open the gate, which is highlighted at the 2:20:00 mark.

Direct Trico toward the ledge across from the Illuminati talisman and venture across and climb up the talisman. Head up top the chains by monkey-hopping, otherwise the boy will slide down if you try to climb up normally. Once up top, push the glass talisman off the ledge and direct Trico to follow you.

Once Trico lands on the platform, jump down and grab a hold of him. Proceed to direct him across each pillar until you get to the wooden platform where the damaged talisman. When you call for Trico you’ll need to act fast because once he comes across the platform it will begin to break so grab a hold of him as quickly as possible.

He’ll platform hop across the wooden ledge all the way to the pillars. At the 2:32:00 mark you’ll see where you need to leap off Trico to the ledges behind you. Shimmy across and then climb up.

Head inside the tower and run to the middle of the stairs where there will be a ledge you can leap to with a lever inside. Pull the lever. Head through the next area and you’ll need to dodge the mystical guards and head to the next stairwell where there’s another lever you’ll need to pull. Head to the top and through the open gate where you’ll need to travel across the broken scaffold to get to the drawbridge. Wait for Trico to hop across and then fall and grab a hold of him. Slide down into the drawbridge and then head to the left once inside and there is a ladder – next to the ladder is a lever. Pull the lever to let Trico inside.

Head into the mining cave and there’s a barrel down in the pit. Carry it out and give it to Trico to eat. Pull the mining cart and climb up to pull the switch to let Trico inside.

Guide Trico through the tight corridor toward the end of the hall and have him jump up on top of the platform. Direct Trico to push the drawbridge down to open up the next segment, as highlighted at the 2:36:00 mark.

Direct Trico toward the edge of drawbridge and have him jump up on the pillars just left of the talisman. Climb down Trico and climb down the tower and travel across the rope to get to the platform that has the talisman on it.

Head back down and have Trico jump across the ledges to the boy and then climb up on him and continue to have him leap up toward the next talisman. Hop down off Trico and shimmy up over the broken steps toward the top of the tower where the talisman is.

After the talisman falls, the ledge will break. Trico will head below so fall toward Trico’s mouth and he will catch you.

Head back up to the top of the tower and cue the cutscene.

Call Trico over to you while hanging from the tree – have Trico leap up over you and have him swing his tail close so it can be grabbed.

Trico gets tired so you’ll have to go find barrels for him to eat.

After feeding Trico you’ll need to climb up on him and have him jump up on the platforms while outside, as showcased at the 3:13:00 mark in the video above.

You’ll need to destroy the panes of the talisman so head over to the platform where the guards have them positioned and charge into the guards by running at them and pressing square. Knocking the guards off the cliff will cause the panes to break and Trico will jump over and finish off the guards.

You may have to climb up and pet Trico to call him down and then feed him a barrel. Have Trico jump up on the platforms to get to the next area.

The next major puzzle involves an entire area filled with the green aroma that incapacitates Trico. You’ll need to subdue it.

Travel down to where the green pot is and switch the tracks. Proceed to push the pot until it breaks through the floor. Grab the box on the ledge and throw it into the water, as showcased at the 3:29:00 mark. Use the box to grab a hold of Trico’s tale and climb out of the watery pit.

Heave Trico jump up to the platforms above. However, he’ll get tired after battling some guards and will require more barrels before you can proceed.

Push the boxes over to the opening at the gate. Throw the barrel onto the boxes. Pick up the barrel and throw it out so Trico can eat it.

Have Trico stand up near the window so that you can jump through the window and proceed around the platforms until you reach the opening in the tunnel with the guards. Head toward the door that’s barred so Trico can get through.

After the running segment you’ll need to direct Trico to leap to the platforms just behind the collapsed tunnel.

When you reach the platform, the way inside is through the platform just below. Climb down and have Trico follow you into the arena so he can kill the guards. There will be a guard with a talisman symbol on it, so push him over so it can be destroyed.

Following the defeat of the guards, have Trico go to the closed gates within the arena and direct him to push the lever to open the gates. You’ll need to push the dolly cart into the center of the arena and then mimic to Trico to hit the end of the cart to use it as a seesaw catapult to get up through the grated floor and pull the lever.

Move around to the other side of the upper level of the arena through the doorway next to the lever; head outside and across to the other platform and have Trico jump up to the mountainous cliff with the water running out of it. There’s a barrel inside to feed to Trico and you’ll need to have him leap up to the next platform and then you’ll need to dive into the water and there’s an opening you can swim through that leads to another lever that you can pull to open the gate.

Have Trico jump down into the water and then have him dive deep so that you can get through the tunnel access and come out the other side.

Ride Trico in the water and direct him toward the small cave up on the platform. There’s a barrel inside to feed to Trico.

Swim toward the closed gate and dive (without Trico) there’s a small opening that you can swim through to get to the other side. Call Trico to jump into the water and it will cause a wave so that the water level will raise and you can get to the lever.

Climb back onto Trico and have him dive deep into the water. A cinematic will cue leaving you to believe that the boy drowns, but he does not. You’ll need to proceed into the next area where you’ll to stand on the right platform for an elevator cage to come down. Get inside of the cage to get lifted up, as showcased at the 4:16:00 mark in the video at the top of the article.

Proceed across the railing on the other side of the platform where the broken elevator terminal is.

When you get to the top there are some vines you’ll need to climb up on the side of the broken down wall. From there, head up the chain and across the rickety bridge toward more vines.

Make your way past the evil version of Trico and climb up on the engraved stones and use the evil Trico’s armored head to get to the giant chain, as depicted in the video at the 4:25:00 mark.

When you get trapped inside of the cage, you’ll need to roll it around and call for Trico. Get it near the edge of the cliff and call for Trico and he’ll claw through the ground to get there.

Have Trico push you over to the ridge. Roll the cage onto the platform to fall down to the next level. Continue to roll the cage back to the elevator platforms and place the cage on the empty pad to open the doors.

Grab the helmet inside the cage, head down the elevator, place the helmet on the armor and go inside to get the crevice to get the barrel. Throw the barrel on the platform with the elevator and take it up to Trico.

Have Trico jump up on the pillars leading up to the top of the platform. Have Trico go all the way back up to the hole in the ceiling until you get back outside.

At the 4:54:00 mark, the walkthrough shows you how to use Trico to get up the platforms to the top of the area.

After a lengthy cinematic the boy will be revived after being dumped in the small pond, allowing the duo to continue their adventure.

The Last Guardian - Trico Flight

When you let Trico through the gate, head into the mine shaft and call Trico inside. Use his head to jump up to the platform and remove the board from the door. Continue through the mineshaft and pull the lever so Trico can get in. Keep calling on him to move forward until the shaft collapses.

Crawl back through the shaft, past Trico’s body, and climb up and run outside to attract the attention of the guards. This will cause Trico to get amped up and bust through the rubble.

Direct Trico toward the pillar after calming him down from the fight with the guards. Make your way across the dilapidated ledges and hop across the platforms to get up the tower and destroy the two talisman.

After the dynamic cinematic, you’ll need to quickly pull the lever while Trico is trying to get into the tower, but it will fail. Repeat the step again after jumping down and grabbing onto Trico. Pull the lever and this time Trico will enter into the tower. If you jump towards him he will catch you.

Have Trico head outside and leap across the pillars and down onto the tower below. Leap across to the ledge made of stone shingles and head around the corner and up to the platform above, which has a hole in the tower that can be entered.

Make your way inside and down to the floor below where Trico will need to battle some of the knights. Head outside and push the talisman on the tracks away from the entrance. Head over to the lever and pull it in order to drop the talisman into the chasm below.

When Trico begins battling the evil dog-bird, use the lever to drop the evil dog-bird down. Jump down on top of Trico and head inside the open doorway to flip the lever and then head across to the other side to flip the other lever after dragging the evil dog-bird’s tail under the doorway. After they fall off the next bridge, jump onto the evil dog-bird and climb up the chain toward the giant mining cart. Head inside the door and push the cart onto the evil dog-bird.

The Last Guardian

After Trico falls to the bottom, pull out the spears and he will cough up the light-shield. Use it and aim it at the flipped over mine-carts. A few barrels will be exposed and you can feed those to Trico. In order to get him to eat the barrels, hold them close and gently tell him to eat – hold the barrels close to his mouth to feed him.

Direct Trico to jump up on the platforms, and proceed to remove the spears from Trico’s side. You can attempt to use the light-shield on the knights to have Trico blast them.

Blow open the wooden barricade on the opposite side of the destroyed bridge and head across. Get Trico to come down off the platform with the hypnotizing crystal and aim the light-shield at it so he can destroy it and break the hypnosis.

Direct Trico to destroy the rest of the talisman hanging around the tower and then have him ascend toward the top of the tower. There will be a few more knights to battle, and you’ll need to have Trico laser zap them with his tail.

Head up the tower, continue to take out the knights, and then when you get inside the part of the tower with the closed gate, get off Trico and run through the gate as the boy and ascend the top of the tower to flip the lever and raise the bridge so Trico can get to the other side.

When you finally get to the other side and get to the elevator that’s activated by the light-shield, the ceiling is closed. In order to open it you’ll need to drag Trico’s tail into the hole and climb down. Place the helmets on the knights and use Trico’s laser abilities to blow them up by aiming the light-shield at them. After destroying all the knights, place the light-shield in the activation modules and the ceiling will open.

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