Vampyr Trailer Covers The Moral Dilemma Of A Philanthropic Monster

Dontnod Entertainment really seems to take a very polar approach to making games. They go from Reemember Me, a futuristic Parisian beat-’em-up, to the highly celebrated Life Is Strange, a lesbian coming-of-age story, to Vampyr, a game about hunting people down and sucking their blood. If for nothing else I have to give them props for trying new things because it’s not like you could pinpoint their portfolio for being stereotypical or typecast in anyway based on the diverse selection of genres they’ve tackled.

Anyway, Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer for their Gothic Victorian vampire game, appropriately named Vampyr. The gritty new title is set to arrive on home consoles and PC, and it’s so far shaping up to be a title unlike most of anything else out there. You can check out the new trailer to get an idea of where they are with the title.

That’s a very cool trailer.

Absolutely nothing about the gameplay was revealed in that trailer, but it does set the mood for the kind of moral dilemmas that players will face throughout Vampyr. You see, in order to sustain the main character, Dr Jonathan Reid, he must drink human blood… but at the same time he loses himself in that endeavor and takes an actual life. Those choices will have consequences, for worse or for worse. There really is no winning because you’re playing as a monster.

It’s a nice little tactic they used in the trailer to portray the dichotomy between the good Doctor Reid’s work as a humanitarian, versus the seedy reputation he’s built up in the criminal underground as a a nefarious villain. The juxtaposition of a doctor being a vampire creates the Jekyll and Hyde complex that will inevitably force gamers to choose between doing what’s right for the residents and doing what’s right for the doc.

The gameplay that I’ve seen so far looks passable, but I think a lot of its appeal will be based on how well the story is told through the very character-heavy atmosphere. Facial animations and voice work are going to be heavy factors into how receptive gamers are of Vampyr.

There’s no release date but you can keep track of the progress of development by visiting the official Vampyr website.


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