Veteran Game Developer Calls #GamerGate A Revolt Against Identity Politics
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2016)

Veteran game designer Troy Leavitt has been posting up videos about various topics that are deemed too “taboo” in the world of game development to discuss openly and honestly. A lot of developers have avoided speaking about certain topics such as #GamerGate unless they adopt the media’s view of condemning it and calling it a “harassment campaign”, such as Tim Schafer or Rami Ismail.

Well, Leavitt’s take on the topic of #GamerGate is a lot more in-line with what core gamers think about it, saying it’s more of a consumer revolt against the religion of identity politics.

In a new 20 minute video he recently posted up on his YouTube channel, Leavitt breaks down how he saw #GamerGate unfold and what his thoughts were about the concerns raised through the hashtgag concerning the media, as well as the media’s response to the hashtag. You can check out the video below.

Leavitt explains that he uses “religion” as a way to explain the dogma that propagates what most people consider to be the inner circle of Social Justice Warriors. He says…

“My explanation for what happened here is that GamerGate was a consumer led revolt against the religion of identity politics.


“I think the word religion is the right word here because there’s a central dogma in identity politics. And that [dogma] is that you’re defined not by your behavior, not by your character, but rather by your demographic identifiers.”

He explains that in the realm of identity politics, pushed hard and heavy through the media from politics to entertainment, is based on oppression points. The religion sees to it that the more qualifiers for being oppressed that you have (e.., gay, black, trans) the more oppressed you are. The more common your demographic traits, the more likely that you’re an oppressor.

Video game journalists have been using these ridiculous scale for the past several years to demonize games and gamers: if the main character is a straight, white male they say it’s not being progressive enough. They adopt sex-negative philosophies like those espoused by Anita Sarkeesian, so the more sex positive a female character is (such as Bayonetta) the more offensive the game is, resulting in sites like Polygon lowering the overall review score of the game due to perceived “sexism”.

According to Leavitt, the ethical violations were more of a minor anomaly in the grand scheme of things, and he mostly skips over the ethics aspect as a byproduct of the larger culture war involving identity politics.

Leavitt explains that he originally included some discussions about the ethics elements of #GamerGate but then removed it, mentioning in a comment…

“From my perspective, the ethics part is valid, but it seems to be subsumed within the larger context of resisting the ideology those key press members were advancing.”

The culture war aspects of #GamerGate are far more political in nature, and doesn’t really have an end-goal in sight as opposed to the ethics front, which simply wanted enforced FTC standards and updated ethics policies put into place at large and small media outlets alike.

Some people feel as if the press situation can be fixed by either removing the corrupt journalists or enforcing ethical standards for them to abide by. They also feel as if many aspects of corruption in games media can be absolved if the journalists actually report on the issues instead of trying to push for ideological standards within the community and the games themselves.

Uploaded by Rocatbottom

On the other side of the coin, those who are involved in #GamerGate solely to combat SJWs feel as if the SJWs need to be attacked relentless with non-stop vigor. They feel as if fixing the ethical standards in journalism isn’t enough and that the root of SJWs needs to be stomped out.

Of course, stomping out SJWs requires bringing their misdeeds to the forefront of public awareness. However, you need ethical press to make people aware  or large enough public figures to push the issues to the forefront of public consciousness, but right now major social media networks and major media outlets all adopt SJW ideology. As evident with the banning of Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous from Twitter, the fight is taking place in a realm controlled by the opposition.

Nevertheless, it’s at least good to see a developer step up and explain the situation reasonably and calmly. The conversation on the YouTube page is very informative and diverse, with different people offering their take on the situation as well. It’s the complete opposite of the Feminist Frequency videos and the articles surrounding them, where if you didn’t agree with what was said, you weren’t allowed to say anything at all.

(Main image courtesy of Kukuruyo)

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  • Alistair
  • durka durka

    “Leavitt explains that he uses “religion” as a way to explain the dogma that propagates what most people consider to be the inner circle of Social Justice Warriors.”

    The radical left is not atheistic, they are religious, their religion is the karma of feeling pain with everyone who suffers and helping everyone in need up to a point that they will protest against borders to get those poor muslims in. They believe their bitching and whining will change the world somehow….nope people are far too occupied with so many stuff nowadays to give a shit about their whinny asses.

    • Cap’n Catpants

      I don’t think the radical left really gives a shit about other people, because they’re always so incredibly hypocritical and full of double standards. I’ve never seen more selfish, evil people.

      They are just using immigrants as an excuse to push their personal agenda; pretending to care. They get high thinking they are so great that they can speak/fight for everyone else. Our individual opinions don’t matter because almighty SJWs make decisions for us.

      I haven’t been following GamerGate for a long time because I think a lot of people got thrown off course and lost sight of what matters. They spent too much time fighting enemies in front of them, while ignoring the roots of the problem (eg. Soros). You can’t stop a monster by picking away at his toenails. You have to go for the core. You can’t win chess by focusing entirely on capturing pawns.

      • durka durka

        “I don’t think the radical left really gives a shit about other people, because they’re always so incredibly hypocritical and full of double standards. I’ve never seen more selfish, evil people.”

        Thats the point they DONT, they do it so their “god” called karma will reward them, because they are insecure and lonely and think by doing good things somehow they will change the world and history will remember them.

    • I never really worried about the e-celeb aspect of #GG. I was happy to see people like AlphaOmegaSin, MainEventStatus and a few others talk about it in honest terms.

      Anyone else who had stark political affiliations and biases before #GG began obviously were going to use it to push the dial a little more to the left or right of their current position. So that was to be expected.

      • durka durka

        Well at least thanks to Trump it is ok to talk about things that before were considered unspeakable. I bet the right is jacking off at the leftist tears, personally i just kind feel good because they are butt hurt and angry, i dont feel their “butt hurt” so i find it counterproductive to engage with people that piss me off just to piss them off.

      • Alistair

        Yes you can expected of that to happen, the one big thing apart from censorship and limited of freedom of speech.

        Is having a One sided story. You see MSM pushing a agenda and when they close their eyes and start trashing their readers viewers it becomes one sided.

        Now some good news billy as you may need to check the facts

        We in eary in December apparently at the end of November or around that there this news artic. Never mind the drain the cespool. But let the media be purge.

        “At the Donald trump media summit it was like a fucking fire squad”

        Donald start with head of CNN and accuse them that we already know there are liers.

        Ouch great start to the road of being president CNN and all MSM should start worrying now. “your Regression agenda driven bullshit is coming to a end.

        Will CNN go down No it wont but what it will happen people will take another view of CNN. “Is this news station trustworthy”.

  • bell02

    To this day some of the most biased gaming journos are still in their postion and still being biased, corrupt and shady as hell. I really wonder why nothing is happening! It is not like as if i would say BS here, it is proven fact;

    and yet, i still have to link deepfreeze and have to point this out, and yet, i still get censored on most paltform, shadowbanned and what not. Still going on.

    To this day, nothing has changed. Those reviews who smell like paid reviews still exist. Manufactured hype still exist. Comment section full with shills, telling you to be hyped and what to like and what not, still exist. Game award shows pushing onesided their best friends still exist.

    Games nowadays morph more and more into a copypates work with no love to story or details. You see more and more Product build by bots, no story just DLC, season pass and so on. And if they get a story in, it is either highly depressiv sad or heavily agenda pushed and full with politics. FFXV is a yaoi boyband walking simulator with a one button mechanic. No mans sky the biggest fake in human history. Mafia 3 is a wannabe divesity hyped shit game. And so on.

    2006 trully was the end of video games. I hate facebook, twitter and tumbrl for it. But the most i hate are the PR folks who exploited since 2006 this industry.

    • “2006 trully was the end of video games. I hate facebook, twitter and tumbrl for it. But the most i hate are the PR folks who exploited since 2006 this industry.”

      It’s basically the PS3/XBox era where gaming entered the mainstream, and it’s been cancerous ever since. Because whenever something goes mainstream and gets popular, it immediately becomes under scrutiny from the political moral scolds. I can sum it up via this example:

      – 1998, Dead or Alive 1 on the PS1: everyone was laughing and joking about the boobs, people loved it

      – 2000, Dead or Alive 2 on the DC: everyone was laughing and joking about the boobs, people loved it, some even praised the “sexy” looking female characters

      – 2015, Dead of Alive 5: LR on the PS3/PS4: sexism, misogyny, promotes rape culture and women are represented negatively

      That was also the time where social media/networking (such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.) got very popular as well, so all that crap got mixed in and make it even worse. Twitter, in my opinion, just encourages and breeds lynch-mob mentality, in the of “Social Justice”. It started off as a great way to get in touch with people and celebrities, but once the SJWs and feminists got the hang of it, it turned into shit. I really would not blink an eye if this kind of service was wiped from the Internet tomorrow.

      “FFXV is a yaoi boyband walking simulator with a one button mechanic”

      Careful, you’ll have the FF fanboys and fujoshit fangirls after you for that.

      Anyway… as for one button mechanics, I’ve got Honey Select to make up for it… and it’s more than just a one-click mechanic, because you need to use the mouse wheel to *AHEM* make the girls happy. Wanna see my waifu below?

    • Cap’n Catpants

      Soros allegedly targeted the tech scene from a while back. We are still in the middle of his plan to destabilize the world. Until he’s stopped, the people getting paid to push his agenda will keep spewing bullshit.

      The quality of recent games is likely reflective of the Soros’ push for globalism, which is really just communism. This is evident through the politicization of gaming. Both society and media have been increasingly homogenized into soulless clones.

  • Cap’n Catpants

    GamerGate is/was a revolt against assholes colluding with assholes to screw the rest of us over. The mainstream and SJWs managed to somehow completely avoid the actual issues at hand and make everything about their special snowflake identity politics nonsense. Deflection much?

    I think people who fuss over identity politics must be so lacking that they can’t define their identity in more meaningful ways. Get a real hobby. Seriously. There’s no skill/talent in making up identity shit and getting offended about it.

  • “the fight is taking place in a realm controlled by the opposition.”


    It’s the reason why SJWs have been as strong as they have over the last 30 years, especially in the last 5-6 years.

    SJWs have taken over and now control mainstream media, news media, games media, academia, education, entertainment media, Tech, TV, politics, government, society, etc… they’ve got it all in the bag. It’s absolutely shocking how these parasites have actually managed to infiltrate ALL of these sectors.

    It really makes you think sometimes though. When these sectors were “normal”, was it really that difficult to say “No” to SJWs in the first place? It’s almost like they have some kind of spell that makes every company bend over, grab both their ankles and take it without lube.

    Because of this, we are a very long way away from returning things back to “normal”. I don’t know if Donald Trump will actually do anything about it, but I’ll stick my neck out and say that at least he’s made it as President.

    With myself being in the UK, I can say that we have our own problems with our own set of equally globalist SJW fucktards.

    Should not have ignored them 20 years ago.

    • Cap’n Catpants

      When all this SJW shit hit the fan, people around me started saying “you were right all along”. Before that, they kept dismissing my concerns and real life experiences as “blaming others” for my own failures, or “ranting” over stuff that “doesn’t matter”.

      Too late now. They let this happen. SJWs have taken over everything because Soros funds them all. It’s easy to put assholes in the spotlight by showering them with cash.

      • Isn’t that the truth.

        We were told to “just ignore them and they’ll go away” if we brought the danger up.

        And the funny thing is, you yourself could get attacked for being a “crazy” person by bringing the issue up.

        The Mighty No.9 situation regarding Dina Karam on the Community forums is kind of like a modern example of this. Tried to warn the blind MegaMan fanboys of her but instead got attacked back for “trying to disrupt the project” or “trolling”.

        These people are now choking down their feminist turd sandwiches, and I don’t have any sympathy for them really.

  • Grey

    I got into GamerGate for the ethical end of things, but the whole event was really very eye opening on a lot of topics. I learned that as bad as gaming journalism seemed to be, it was actually just an example of the pathetically lax standards of the news media a large. I learned how laziness from the news media was just as, if not more, responsible for their bias as willful agenda pushing.

    Two news papers printed for cities on opposite sides o the country, running the same story by the same author and thus insuring only a single perspective on the same event. Copying without question or investigation the writing of niche press (like gaming media) on events within their community, regardless of any controversy. Propping up self-proclaimed experts with no actual professional background in the topics they are speaking on, giving them air time to talk without a single counter point being offered or critical question raised about their views.

    And all that was before ending up elbows deep in the guts of the actual ideologues and agenda-pushers trying to use gaming as an easy platform to social stardom and cushy speaking jobs. Or the actual fanatics who would destroy through whatever means anything that threatens to pop the bubble they’ve closed themselves into. Then realizing that these were often the same people in control of or the blindly trusted sources of many major platforms and happy to lie or twist truth to ensure nothing could challenge their place there.

    I was not overly fond of the news media when GamerGate began and came out of it actively loathing most of it. At this point I feel as if few institutions have behaved as irresponsibly with the power they have been entrusted with as the modern news media.