Weekly Recap Dec 3rd: Game Awards, Fem Freq Debunked, Cracked Goes Crazy

If you’re into following propaganda this was a great week of news for you. Cracked continued the narrative that #GamerGate is a white supremacist harassment campaign. Wikipedia has come down on the side of Leftist media claiming that anyone looking into PizzaGate is a racist, Alt-Right Trump supporter. And the Guardian published a piece by Matt Lees filled with easily disprovable falsehoods.

There were some highlights throughout the week. A veteran game developer finally took Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency to task and pointed out many of the flaws in the series. There was also the Game Awards, revealing tons of new games, new footage and release dates. These stories and more in this December 3rd, 2016 Weekly Recap.


Game Dev Debunks Feminist Frequency Falsehoods

It’s been a long time coming but a veteran game developer of 20 years has finally debunked all the misconceptions and falsehoods centering around the Feminist Frequency series, which has labeled and defamed the gaming industry as being misogynistic and sexist. The video series does a great job of breaking down exactly where Sarkeesian goes wrong and does so across three parts. Summer Lesson turned out to be one of the best selling games on the PS4 during the month of October, trailing just behind Battlefield 1. There’s a new emergent space-sim on the way called Lightspeed Frontier, allowing players to build their own space ships and battle it out across the stars. Hello Games also released patch 1.1 for No Man’s Sky featuring base building, NPC recruitment, freighters and modular crafting.


Cracked Goes Off The Deep End

Cracked.com did a video attacking gamers and #GamerGate, calling them supporters of white supremacy. The video has been widely disliked by a lot of gamers due to the misinformation and lackadaisical approach to citations and fact-checking. The military RTS game, Call to Arms, has been losing support from its fanbase, but the developers decided to restore some faith by making a free-to-play version. A new expansion has launched for Hearthstone called the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. And after several years of being on the market, SCS Software has announced that a new expansion pack is coming for Euro Truck Simulator 2.


Project Genom Restored To Steam

After a difficult time on Steam due to a fallout between the developers working on Project Genom, the game has been restored following the temporary suspension, allowing gamers to pick up the title from Steam store once again. LEGO Worlds – the Minecraft clone from TT Games – will not just release on PC and graduate from Early Access in February, but it’s also going to be released on PS4 and Xbox One. The game Agony has received a release window of the second quarter of 2017 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Also, if you’re in the market for a free demo of Yakuza 6, it’s become available over on the Japanese PlayStation Store.


Red Dead Redemption Available On PC

Well, Red Dead Redemption may be on PC but only because of the PlayStation Now cloud streaming service. The game can only be played on PC through the PS Now service and there’s a free trial for a month, but otherwise you’ll have to put $100 down for a year’s worth of PS Now. Universal and Nintendo announced their official partnership to open themed attractions centered around Nintendo properties and games, these attractions will be opened up across the Orlando, Japan and Hollywood Universal Studios sites. Ubisoft announced that the Year 2 Pass for Rainbow Six: Siege has officially become available, offering gamers additional DLC content for a fixed price on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


ASA Clears No Man’s Skay Of False Advertising

The Advertising Standards Authority cleared No Man’s Sky of any wrongdoing when it comes to false and misleading advertising, giving Hello Games a pass on how they presented and promoted the open-world sci-fi game to the public. Tweets from the grave have made their way into the news, with Andrew Breitbart having called out John Podesta as part of the PizzaGate scandal five years before it happened. Electronic Arts has said that the next Battlefield title is not coming soon and is actually several years out from release. Author Matt Lees published multiple falsehoods and easily disprovable lies in an article on Guardian, but that hasn’t stopped SJWs from running to his defense. And Hellblade has been delayed into 2017.


Nolan North Addresses SAG Strike During Acceptance Speech

Veteran voice actor Nolan North shared his experience working with Naughty Dog for over a decade on stage during this year’s Game Awards show where he mentioned that the real people whose performance matters are the developers behind the scene. It was heartfelt, honest and true. Unity 5.5 has launched and it features a bevy of new content for both artists and programmers, including improved shaders, new line rendering and support for Microsoft’s HoloLens. The launch of the third season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead gets underway on December 20th and that’s followed by the early 2017 release of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. And Wikipedia has gone and taken the next step in etching their biases in the stone of history by saying that PizzaGate has been debunked, is false and part of a “fake news” troll.


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