Werewolves Within Available On VR Devices With Cross-Platform Support

The multiplayer VR title from Ubisoft themed around get-together game nights, has officially launched for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Werewolves Within features a multiplayer, roundtable affair where the objective is to spot out which one of the townsfolk is actually a werewolf.

Given the game’s reliance on multiplayer interaction, Ubisoft hedged their bets on cross-platform compatibility to broaden the scope of the playerbase as much as possible. This means that whether you’re playing on the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, you can still join games with those playing on the PlayStation VR.

According to Ubisoft, they wanted a game where players could use wits and cunning without relying entirely on reflexes and twitch skills. It’s a multiplayer game for the mind.

They talk a bit about the motivations behind the design of Werewolves Within, as well as what gamers can expect from the actual gameplay of the game night-inspired title. You can check it out below.

They mention in the video that they wanted to be able to take the elements of human lying, deception and misdirection, and apply those elements to a game where players will have to be perceptive and discerning of their fellow competitors in order to deceive them and win the game. They explain in the press release that the in-game avatars adapt and react based on the way the player speaks into the microphone…

“By utilising unique technology for VR avatars, including animations based on voice inflection analysis and emphatic emotes, Werewolves Within captures players’ real-life actions and body language and reflects them through their in-game character. The game also allows players to employ a variety of natural gestures that enhance the social experience even further.”

That’s actually a cool use of the technology. It’s an interesting and different approach to all the other VR titles that have been rolling out recently. Most games are either arcade, on-rail shooters, walking simulators or physics-based miscellaneous games where you throw things around and generally do nothing.

The game is playable for anywhere between five and eight players. You can pick up a digital copy right now fro the respective storefronts for PC and PlayStation 4, with compatibility for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.


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