Wikipedia Deletes David Seaman Entry Following His PizzaGate Coverage

Former Huffington Post writer David Seaman was fired from the outlet back in August of 2016 for writing about Hillary Clinton’s health. According to Wikileaks, the Huffington Post had declared their allegiance to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, saying they would be an “echo signal” for her campaign, and that meant removing dissenters such as David Seaman. The independent journalist went on to report on and investigate other controversial topics, such as PizzaGate, which ended up netting him the ire of certain Wikipedia editors who opted to delete his entry from the online encyclopedia.

The reasons for the deletion popped up recently in December directly after Seaman began taking the PizzaGate investigation seriously. His article originally was created on December 7th, 2016 but its deletion occurred on December 15th after various editors with clear opposition to PizzaGate stepped into the fray.

A staunch anti-PizzaGate editor going by the handle of Sangdeboeuf, noted on the talk page that only one source covered David Seaman and it was from the Russian website…

“Notability for people is determined by them having significant coverage in multiple published secondary sources, not by their social media following. The single result so far for the subject under “news” is from, a known propaganda outlet, and trivial coverage at that – not reliable”

He links to a search result in Google News. However, if you do a basic Google search you’ll find that Seaman being fired was covered by Heat Street on September 2nd, 2016 as part of a list of journalists fired for covering unsavory news about then Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton – but Wikipedia doesn’t find Heat Street to be reliable. Seaman being fired from the Huffington Post was also covered by ZeroHedge on August 30th, 2016 along with a trio of articles from Breitbart, Daily Stormer and Info Wars all on August 29th, 2016. All of the aforementioned sites are considered unreliable sources by Wikipedia’s editors.

Before the article was deleted, some editors such as Simtropolitan suggested using more reliable sources, writing…

“if nothing else his very public firing from the Huffington Post at the height of the election warrants keeping this, but only as a stub if sources like ZeroHedge keep being cited. Reliable sources do exist, he has worked with networks that are not [fringe sources], don’t be a reactionary and cite blogs that have “Tyler Durden” as their author. Even if you want to make a villain out of him for Pizzagate, people much less relevant to current events like David Icke have long, well-cited articles here. I am not saying that Seaman is the same as Icke, but this is relevant to current events. The article can and should be improved upon however.”

David Seaman was also covered by Real Clear Politics regarding the Huffington Post termination, along with receiving coverage from The Daily Caller. However, even those weren’t considered reliable enough.

If you check the article stub from December 8th, 2016 just before it was deleted, you can see that one of the last entries was aimed at discrediting him by citing…

“Seaman has promoted the debunked “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory.[4][5]”

The reason for the request to delete his entry on Wikipedia popped up shortly after David Seaman began reporting on PizzaGate. It’s become taboo to mention the conspiracy in any capacity unless you’re claiming that it’s “debunked” or “fake”.

Seaman, however, claimed the opposite… that PizzaGate needed to be investigated and that there were potentially serious crimes happening within the upper echelons of the United States government and possibly other institutions. This position earned him ire from anti-PizzaGate editors on Wikipedia, and also resulted in YouTube striking his account in an attempt to get him to remove PizzaGate videos and to relinquish discussion of the matter. Seaman wasn’t the only YouTuber hit with community strikes over his PizzaGate videos, various others were also penalized as well, sending a message to content creators to scale back on discussing the subject.

There has been a lot of staunch opposition to any discussion of PizzaGate on certain platforms, as the mainstream media have declared anyone not opposing it to be racist, Alt-Right, white supremacist Trump supporters, and they have also declared that #GamerGate paved the way for PizzaGate and that both are just covers for harassment campaigns, which was published in an article recently by Washington Post.

Twitter has banned all PizzaGate related hashtags from trending, and Twitter will suspend or ban users who expose known pedophiles or alert authorities about child porn rings. Reddit has also widely banned any Pizzagate investigations hubs or any sub-Reddit directly related to it.


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