WWE 2K17 Patch 1.05 Syncs Up Finn Balor’s Entrance To His Music

One of the issues some gamers had with WWE 2K17 was that some of the characters weren’t properly synched when it came to their entrance walk and their music, such as Finn Balor. Well, after a little tweaking and a little modifying, Yukes managed to fix up the entrances, and quite a few other issues within the 1.3GB patch.

The patch also addresses Braun Strowman coming out with the sheep mask when he’s a manager. You can now apply hair dye to the top of a superstar’s head along with the underside of hair.

They changed the chain grapple so that you can now manually initiate the chain grapple by pressing the grapple button and the right bumper. This is opposed to having both players pressing the grapple button at the same time.

YouTuber SmackTalks goes through the step-by-step changelog of patch 1.05, highlighting all of the new features and upgrades.

They fixed the superstars jiggling and shaking during certain created victory poses, and they’ve also fixed keeping the attributes when copying over movesets from one superstar to the next.

They fixed some issues with the audio, including some announcements from Lillian Garcia, some heels not being booed by default – even though some heels really don’t get booed much, like Bray Wyatt or Chris Jericho – and they updated the Breezango entrance theme in the music jukebox.

Maybe they should just make the whole heel/face thing organic? Especially since Roman Reigns probably gets the loudest boos out of anybody on the roster not named Eve Marie.

There are a ton of fixes and bug squashes made in the latets patch for WWE 2K17. It’s funny because while older wrestling games had some unavoidable glitches, there’s enough modifications in this one changelog that fills out a longer list than the actual feature list of some other games.

Anyway, if you have the game for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 or PS4, you should have access to all of the updates and changes made in the patch.


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