YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Implementing Ban List For “Terrorist Content” In 2017

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft will be working together to create a shared hash tracking list for content shared on their social media services, enabling them to identity content and remove it from their sites.

According to Yahoo!, they explained…

“The companies will share ‘hashes’ – unique digital fingerprints they automatically assign to videos or photos – of extremist content they have removed from their websites to enable their peers to identify the same content on their platforms.”

This unique hash will make it easy to completely wipe that content from the web services operated by Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, effectively creating a blacklist for content reviewed by human editors and deemed “terrorist content”.

According to Zero Hedge, they question how impartial this new measure will actually be, writing…

“The New York Times is reporting this morning that “European officials” are already calling on the large tech companies to use their new censoring weapon of mass destruction to target “hate speech.” Of course, with Twitter recently threatening to ban President-elect Trump for “harassment and hateful conduct,” a person who was just elected with 60mm votes, one has to question the ability of social media giants to impartially distinguish “hate speech” for legitimate political discourse.”

Some people think this will be used to censor content that the establishment will want to label as “fake news”, which in turn could simply be something that’s against a narrative peddled by the media.

One of the reasons that this has caused so much alarm is because recently YouTube began labeling certain kinds of content as “hate speech” and “harassment”, such as videos being censored that discuss the whole PizzaGate saga.

Many fear that major media conglomerates and search engines will begin filtering out news that doesn’t fit their agenda. For now they claim this will only be used for “hate speech” and “terrorist content”.

Given the way the current landscape has shifted regarding what’s allowed and what’s not, many people are not holding out hope about fair treatment and implementation of the new ban lists for “terrorist content”, especially following close on the heels of Twitter banning hackers who were exposing pedophile rings operating on the social media network.


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