Arizona Sunshine, VR Exclusive Makes $1.4 Million In Revenue
Arizone Sunshine

VR isn’t mainstream. VR isn’t a blockbuster market making gobs of money the way the media may have led some people to believe in early 2016. However, we are starting to see some VR success stories, such as Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine, a VR zombie shooter that managed to rack up $1.4 million in revenue.

According to UploadVR, Vertigo Games announced that the game has made more than $1.4 million in revenue between December 6th, 2016 and January 5th, 2017.

The news comes with an update that adds full locomotion to the game, so you can move freely in the 3D space instead of teleporting around.

Despite the initial movement restrictions, the actual gunplay and graphics were enough to convince HTC Vive owners and Oculus Rift gamers to plop down $39.99 for the game. In fact, nearly 40,000 people purchased a copy of the game, according to Steam Spy.

As mentioned, the numbers aren’t huge and no VR title has gone mainstream yet.

According to, Arizona Sunshine joins a small, elite group of VR titles that have managed to scratch and claw their way out of obscurity and into the upper echelons of making millions in revenue. They list Job Simulator for the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR having moved enough units to rack up $3 million in revenue since launching in 2016 last year, and the breakout sleeper hit from Survios called Raw Data managed to accrue $1 million during its launch month in September. According to Steam Spy, more than 60,000 people have a copy of Raw Data, but the data is a bit skewed due to a free weekend.

Of course, there’s a consistency in the numbers when it comes to “high-end” VR game sales… they still aren’t reaching into the hundreds of thousands – much less the millions – when it comes to sales. The reason being is that there aren’t millions of high-end VR headset owners… yet.

The big roadblock has been the lack of a killer app and the high price of entry. Price will eventually become negligible as the technology is normalized, but killer apps are a must if the hardware is going to catch on beyond the core enthusiast market. It’s nice to see some inventive VR exclusive titles finding success, but they still have a long way to go before sales are up there with the average quality-made indie title or AAA release.

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