Astroneer Patch 119 Brings Cross-Play To Xbox One And Windows 10

Astroneer has a new patch that’s live under the moniker of 119. The new patch brings a lot of new fixes and improvements to the game, and even offers a new feature that brings folks on PC and those on Xbox One together through cross-play. System Era Softworks’ Astroneer is currently out now for PC and Xbox One.

I’m sure there are some bugs still looming around in Astroneer, as well as folks craving more content, but as it stands now the indie devs behind the space project are making a lot of progress and are seeding out patches and updates quite frequently as seen below.

The first of the many things noted in patch 119 is cross-play between the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. This allows those on Xbone and Windows 10 PCs to work together, where as in the past it was not possible to play the game on PC with those on consoles.

Furthermore, objects that are now dug up from the ground are fixed. This means you can now kill hazards without uncovering their buried research item. It was also noted that spikers can now be destroyed after a while when you dig them up and can now be jumped on without hurting you.

Other improvements consist of distance and physics. This allows for objects like spheres to roll around further from the player; the update should affect other physics-based things too.

Players suffering from FPS drops will notice fixes addressed in the update and should no longer see the disappearance of vehicles and items when frames drop too low.

The devs also note that there will be “special surprises” in the update that they will go over in a live stream next week. The update will also show off new content that’s currently in the works, and much more.

To learn more regarding the new update you can hit up, or you can visit the newly posted update on Steam’s Community page.


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