Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter Seeks $200,000 In Funding
Banner Saga 3

Stoic Studios have returned to their roots, heading back to Kickstarter for the final, epic conclusion of the Banner Saga trilogy. They’re seeking $200,000 to bring the third game to life and conclude the journey that they started five years ago on the crowdfunding service.

The team is still composed of just seven people, and they’re still indie, even though Versus Evil helps publish/distribute the game on home consoles. They’re focused on expanding what they created with the first two Banner Saga entries by finishing up the tale with more cinematics, more boss fights and more gameplay than the last two games.

They’re using some of the funding from what they’ve earned from Banner Saga 1 and Banner Saga 2 sales, in addition to what they hope to gain from the Kickstarter for Banner Saga 3 in order to finish the trilogy right and finish it big.

I loved The Banner Saga even though I was trash at the game(s). The combat is completely unforgiving, and the consequences are permanent. Permadeath can be a factor in the game, and choices have long lasting costs, some of which will take their toil from one game into the next.

One of the things Stoic Studios prided themselves on is how boot-strapped the heroes are. These aren’t legendary chosen-ones set out to save the world, these are farmers, blacksmiths, merchants and retired warriors fighting for survival in a world bent on taking their lives.

Despite featuring high-fantasy elements, the game takes a very grounded approach to its character portrayals and the realistic toils of war, starvation, betrayal and struggle. It’s like Game of Thrones without the sex. I know, I know, the sex and nudity make up for like nine-tenths of what makes it popular, but you get my drift.

If you want to see how this depressing, epic, stressful fantasy-adventure ends, you can contribute to the cause by paying a visit to the Kickstarter page.

Just as a side note, Stoic Studio has been legit in terms of how they crowdfund. They don’t take the money and run off and then not deliver. They’ve been successful in pumping out a quality set of games so far and hopefully they can do the same with The Banner Saga 3.

They’re gunning for a December, 2018 release.


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