Battlecrew Space Pirates Closed Beta Test Keys Are Being Sent Out

Battlecrew Space Pirates

Dontnod Eleven announced that their MMO 2.5D multiplayer shooter, Battlecrew Space Pirates, will enter into closed beta testing starting January 19th later this week and will run through the weekend, ending on January 22nd.

The closed beta test will take place across North America and Western Europe.

They’re currently seeking players to help them report bugs, find glitches and help iron out the play experience in order to improve the overall quality of the game. You can sign-up right now to get your hands on a beta key by visiting the official Battlecrew website.

In addition to announcing that the beta is coming later in the week, Dontnod also released a new teaser trailer for the game that you can check out below.

It reminds me of the game Nexon is working on called Hyper Universe.

In the case of Dontnod’s Battlecrew Space Pirates, the game is a 2-on-2 or 4-on-4 team based PvP game taking place in 3D arenas on a 2D plane. Players battle it out like Unreal Tournament in order to unlock new gear, character skins, maps and taunts.

There will be two game modes at launch, the Gold Rush and Team Deathmatch. The former is about collecting as much gold as possible before time runs out, while the latter is a standard kill the other team to win.

According to the Steam Early Access page, Dontnod only has plans on keeping Battlecrew Space Pirates in Early Access for anywhere between two and six months. In the description they state that they don’t want to get “stuck” in an endless cycle of Early Access.

If the game had a full-on single-player campaign mode similar to Metal Assault, I would be thoroughly interested in the game. However, yet another MOBA-inspired PvP game doesn’t leave me with much interest.

Nevertheless, you can sign-up to participate in the closed beta by visiting the official website.