Battlefield 1 Teases French Army And New Heavy Tank

EA and DICE some time ago teased images of the French army in a few screenshots for Battlefield 1, in which one of the few shots can be seen above. Just recently the devs released a new video teaser showing a glimpse of They Shall Not Pass DLC that contains the French army and the new experimental heavy tank the Char 2C.

The developers behind Battlefield 1 teased the first-person shooter’s February update; even though the information given is small it does provide a glimpse showing the French army and what They Shall Not Pass will contain — although I’m sure the paid DLC will hold a bit more than what is currently known.

If you are curious as to what was shown, which the teaser for They Shall Not Pass is still up via a Twitter post, the snippet reveals that more information regarding the DLC is set to come next week. It’s likely that this reveal is a reveal teaser for a reveal trailer so that fans of BF1 will know what the DLC will contain.

YouTuber LevelCapGaming has a video detailing what to expect from the DLC and a quick analysis of the Char 2C heavy tank. The video only runs for three minutes and goes over the information provided in the tweet.

In case you didn’t know the DLC is said to take place during the Battle of Verdun in France and will bring new locations to the game. Said to be mixing some real life events in the new maps, DICE explained that over 1 million shells were fired during the opening act of the theater alone, causing treacherous fires and charred landscapes, which is said to be reflected in some of the stages— as seen in another concept for the DLC by the devs.

A focus and representation of the Samogneux village is said to be in the game, while another map will focus on the conflicts that occurred inside Fort Vaux. The last piece of information regarding maps includes a stage set in an underground bunker/fortress, so it sounds like there will be a lot of CQC.

New weapons will also make an appearance, along with new dogtags and other stuff. No information regarding specific weapon entries surfaced as of recent, besides the header image above showing the eyesore of a weapon the Chauchat.

Lastly, folks will have to pay money for They Shall Not Pass, although it would have seemed like the French army would have been a standard and a force like the U.S would have been DLC, but I guess the main contributors to the war will be locked behind a paywall, unless you have the Premium Pass. Battlefield 1 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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