Cemu 1.7.0D Graphics Pack Fixes Splatoon Multiplayer
Splatoon Cemu 1.7.0

Now that the public version of Cemu 1.7.0d is out there for everyone to download, the community has been working hard on fixing certain issues thanks to having the option of utilizing the customizable graphics pack. One gamer in particular managed to fix a nagging issue some people have had with the resolution and multiplayer in the Wii U exclusive, Splatoon.

Over on the GBA Temp forums user Slash whipped out the big dick of solutions for everyone having problems with the multiplayer in Splatoon on the latest version of the Cemu public release. Slash offered two different customized graphics packs for the Cemu 1.7.0d that addressed the resolution issues for the splatter effects in the multiplayer of Splatoon, as well as the multiplayer itself.

You can download the multiplayer fix from Github, and you can get the multiplayer splat fix from Github.

The custom packs address the texture resolution and alpha effects for the splats, enabling them to appear properly when playing multiplayer. One of the things it does is halves the resolution for the splat alpha, and excludes certain textures from being affected.

The multiplayer fix addresses the resolution and display of the multiplayer where some people complained that Splatoon displayed blurry while playing in the Cemu. You can see what the fixed multiplayer looks like with the demonstration image below.

The latest version of Cemu, version 1.7.0d, is up and out right now and available for download… for free. You can download the Wii U emulator from over on the official Cemu website.

You might want to get in some game time with Splatoon now ahead of the release of Splatoon 2 this upcoming summer for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, the big difference is that you can play the Wii U version via emulator at 4K and 120fps… if your PC can handle it.


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