CHIPs 2017 Reboot Trailer Trades Cop Drama For Comedy Action
CHiPs Movie 2017

Dick jokes? Check. Odd-couple pairing with quirky idiosyncrasies? Check. Ironic violence? Check. A reboot of something that people actually liked back when it was original and fun and not some cash-in Hollywood tokenism agenda? Double check. What do you get? The 2017 reboot of CHIPs.

Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox were the hot shot cops in the tight police motorcycle uniforms in the 1970s and 1980s cop drama, CHIPs. Alongside Magnum P.I. and Miami Vice, it was one of my favorite shows. They made motorcycle highway patrols seem cool, and at the end of the day… that’s all that really matters.

The 2017 reboot of CHIPs stars Michael Pena and Dax Shepard as undercover agents infiltrating the California highway patrol unit in order to find out who the dirty cops are pulling off highway robberies on fancy motorcycles. That description alone actually doesn’t sound that bad… right? Well, it doesn’t play out so well in the actual trailer… with the film mostly going for gag comedy and awkward humor, not unlike the reboot of 21 Jump Street starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. You can check out the new trailer below courtesy of KinoCheck International.

There’s a heightened sense of comedy here, where inexplicable things are common and the comedy borderlines on the sort of slapstick shenanigans you would expect from a Will Ferrell flick. I was more-so expecting a hard-nosed ‘R’ rated action comedy flick similar to the likes of the first Bad Boys or Hot Fuzz, but instead it looks like they’re going the for the low-hanging fruit with this one.

The MPAA rated it ‘R’ but the trailer seemed like it was borderline PG-13. I was getting some Taxi remake vibes from the whole thing – yeah, the same Taxi starring Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon. By the way, if you ever get a chance, see the original French version of Taxi with with Samy Naceri, it’s a really cool car flick.

The CHIPs trailer didn’t inspire a lot of confidence. It seems light on plot, heavy on slapstick and thin on action. Hopefully I’m wrong, though. A slightly more serious take on the old TV series with comedy bits thrown in – like the Lethal Weapon series – could have been the better way about it. But seemingly recycling the 21 Jump Street formula for the [current year] seems kind of lazy. But we’ll see what the film is like when critics get a hold of it ahead of its March 24th release this upcoming spring.


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