Colossal Is A Bizarre Comedic Take on Giant Monster Movies
Colossal 2017

After witnessing the crap that was the Power Rangers trailer, and coming off the high that was the Logan trailer, YouTube decided to recommend a completely different kind of movie that fit somewhere between the hard-edged drama of the latter and the ridiculous absurdity of the former. So what did they recommend? Colossal.

I’m not an Anne Hathaway fan, I don’t get into romantic comedies or coming of age dramas all that much, but the trailer was labeled as a “sci-fi monster movie”. Quite naturally this just didn’t gel with Anne Hathaway’s typical pedigree of films. However, after watching the 54 second trailer, it was obvious why she was in the film. You can see why courtesy of JoBlo Movie Trailers.

The movie could have been easily mistaken for a spin-off of Pacific Rim. While it’s a comedy and looks absolutely stupid, the reality is that visually – as a film – it looks fantastic. The creature effects during the early goings of the trailer are remarkably dark and foreboding. In fact, the destruction and carnage looked more imposing and threatening than what was featured in Pacific Rim. That’s an impressive feat for a comedy.

The movie takes a strange nosedive into the bizarre when the hook for the film is revealed: Anne Hathaway can control the giant monster.

Now I have no idea where they’re going to take this movie or what they’re going to do with it. It could go any number of different ways if the writer and director were smart. In fact, from a marketing point of view they could have billed it as a thriller and never revealed that Hathaway could control the monster. They could have just led viewers along into thinking that Hathaway and the monster have a connection but no one knows how. How shocked would audiences have been had they stumbled into the theaters in April to find out that the movie that was marketed as a thriller was actually a comedy?

Anyway, there’s not enough to really judge the film based on what was showcased in the trailer, and I’m going to say that that’s a good thing. Too many trailers give away the beginning middle and end of the film within the span of two minutes. So hopefully they’ll keep the marketing light for the film so there’s something for audiences to get a hold of and sink their teeth into when Colossal hits theaters in April of 2017.


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