Criminal Girls: Invite Only Cheats Enable Infinite Health And Money
Criminal Girls: Invite Only Cheats
(Last Updated On: January 18, 2017)

If your only motivation to play through Criminal Girls: Invite Only on PC is for the progressively lewd uncensored content on the way courtesy of the modding community, then you might be inclined to grab a cheat trainer to help you out so you can access those motivation sequences… faster.

The Criminal Girls: Invite Only cheat trainer is available over on the Mr. Antifun download page right now.

The 4.5MB trainer only sports three different cheats but each one can be utilized to help you out during the combat phases of the game, including utilizing infinite health, infinite mana and infinite money.

Keep in mind that the infinite health isn’t quite max health. It infinitely gives you 99 HP, so early on in the game you may find yourself faltering a bit until you get higher up in level. Don’t worry, though, this could be fixed in future iterations of the cheat trainer given that some users have already suggested that maybe in the next update the infinite health cheat gives you 999 HP instead of 99 HP.

As a possible interim fix, you could try enabling and disabling the infinite HP cheat as an attempt to stack the HP, but you’ll likely have to just wait for a new update for the trainer.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only is available right now over on the Steam store for $19.99.

The game released censored on PC, much to the chagrin of the gaming community who was looking forward to the BDSM title, but NIS America made a few excuses why it wouldn’t have been possible to release the uncensored version of the game. Thankfully, modders came to the rescue by throwing in their lot with their own efforts to not only remove the censorship but take it a step further by restoring some the more lewd voice acting that was turned off during the localization process of bringing the game over from the East to the West.

The modders have already restored some of the uncensored content in Criminal Girls: Invite Only, but they’ve only just gotten started. In a few weeks (or months) expect more mods to appear to help restore the integrity of its lewd, uncensored nature. For now the modders are restoring the images, removing the pink smoke and unlocking the voices.

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