Criminal Girls: Invite Only Mods Aim To Restore Uncensored Content
Criminal Girls Invite Only Uncensored
(Last Updated On: January 14, 2017)

NIS America released Criminal Girls Invite Only on Steam and carried over all of the censored bits from the Western PS Vita version. The SJW-driven media with third-wave feminist agendas have been really hammering on games that don’t fit their strict, puritan ideals (or in the case of Ladykiller in a Bind, you can get a pass if you’re friends with the SJWs in the media).

Well, modders have begun working on de-censoring Criminal Girls: Invite Only on Steam. Some of the volunteer moderators on the forums have even joined in on sticking the thread to help out since it’s mostly one of the only topics regularly discussed on the Steam forums for the game.

Originally, NIS America cowered in front of SJWs and made sure that the Western version of Criminal Girls: Invite Only was a censored mess, removing the main attraction for the game: the ecchi content.

User DoritoDew managed to get a topic stickied on the Steam forums that covers the mods available for Criminal Girls: Invite Only as well as mods currently in development for the game.Criminal Girls Invite Only

There’s now a mod thread for the game featuring work and progress on mods made available for Criminal Girls: Invite Only on Steam. So far they’ve managed to remove the pink smoke during the “Motivation” mini-game so you get a clear look at the girls in their various states of undress. You can download the Steam smoke remover right now.

Of course, keep in mind that you’re downloading these community mods at your own risk. Now if you’re fine with that, you can go ahead and grab the file to remove the pink smoke.

They’ve also begun work on restoring the sexual sounds from the original Japanese voiceovers during the motivational sequences. De-censoring the images is also currently taking place as well. Some of the modded images of removing the girls’ clothing and restoring them to true lewd state in which they were intended to be displayed in all their uncensored glory is currently underway.

You can actually view some of the uncensored mod work that they’ve completed on the Steam screenshot community section. Obviously some of the images are NSFW.

NIS America recently posted up a FAQ in response to the absolute furor in the community over the rash censorship that has ravaged the theme of the game. They explained in the post that they won’t be going after modders for uncensoring the game, and even encourage modders to do so…

“Is the game censored? The Steam version is an identical port of the localized PlayStation Vita release of the game. All edits (including to the artwork) present in that version will be present in this version.

“Will there be an uncensor patch? Not officially, no. But if fans wanted to make a patch or otherwise modify game files, that is fine. That will not be prohibited.”

So there you have it. The SJWs have NIS America kowtowed to their ravenous screeching on social media, so it’s left up to modders to restore the true wonder and appeal of Criminal Girls the way it was intended to be played.

If you would like to help out with doing the work man was always intended to fulfill, you can join in right now by visiting the Criminal Girls: Invite Only modding thread, or join in on the Discord discussion to offer your help in restoring the game to its uncensored state. Criminal Girls: Invite Only is available right now on the Steam store for $29.99.

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  • Jjabramsqw

    Awesome work nis and to the modders. Author, you are a douchecanal.

    • Author, you are a douchecanal.

      You know what they say about douches don’t you? Pussies love ’em.

  • MarkDsm

    Just FYI, we have miu and hime completed in a new version. All new versions show up at our discord channel

    • You guys are doing fantastic work.

  • bob

    these are the unsung heros.

    I wish Capcom would hire modders to fix SSV

  • Alistair

    It good to know that the mod community have our backs and never knottow to SJWs whiners.

    I shall consider buying the game on steam and support the modders.

  • Good work PC modders.

  • Disqusted

    It’s sad that people still have to make undubs, revert censorship and fix so many other basic issues in games that the devs should have addressed.

    Age rating stuff is bullshit, too. I hate stuff being changed to appeal to broader demographics. It just tells me that devs/publishers/marketing don’t give a shit about the individual, they just want to sell crap to as many as possible, even if it destroys their original work and screws over devoted fans.

    Instead of pumping out a single version for 2 year olds, why don’t they have the original mature content in the game locked behind some kind of age filter?

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      Right? It’s interesting watching M rated games be censored for a small piece of content and then see all these uncensored games be rated T. The ESRB/CERO are flawed systems.

      • I was surprised to learn of some 野球拳 games for Sega Saturn which involved actual nudity a while back. This was before the days of CERO.

    • Instead of pumping out a single version for people with the mental age of a 2 year old, why don’t they have the original mature content in the game locked behind some kind of age filter? Then everybody would be happy.

      No, SJWs won’t accept that. They’ve always been against the idea of a Filter Mode. The early days of GamerGate banded that idea around.

      They simply want whatever they dislike GONE. Basically, if they don’t like it, then no-one else can get to enjoy it. The “think of the children” card is just an excuse they use to enact censorship, because whenever something claims to be for “the safety of children”, all the normies and drones come rushing onto the censorship bandwagon.

      They’re authoritarians.