Criminal Girls: Invite Only PC Mod Restores Sexual Voices
Criminal Girls

NIS America really butchered the release of Criminal Girls: Invite Only in order to appease a market that doesn’t even play video games. Some studios continue to seek out some of the very loud, vocal feminist minority culture critics who have been wailing and harping on games since 2012, even though those particular groups of people don’t play video games. Well, despite all the butchering and censorship, the modding community has done right by the creative standards of the original Japanese developers, and have restored even more of Criminal Girls: Invite Only‘s censored content.

Censored Gaming recently did a video highlighting the updates that the modders have made in progressively decensoring the game. They’ve managed to fully remove the fog that obscured the CG images, and they’ve managed to completely restore the sexual Japanese voices during the punishment sequences.

As noted on the Steam forums by modder DoritoDew, the voice mod has been implemented along with the smoke toggle and the unreleased blind fold mode…

“Refined voice-work (not perfect but better)!
Toggle for smoke (CTRL+S)! (The smoke-remove mod should no longer be necessary and is kept up for archival purposes)
An unreleased game feature: Blindfold Option! Just press CTRL+B before starting a Punishment mini-game to select the option, or select it manually with your keyboard. CM cost is displayed as 1.5x the normal amount. NOTE THAT THE OPTION CANNOT BE SELECTED WITH YOUR MOUSE/CURSOR!”

They mention on the Steam forums that there’s still a few more things left to fix, including restoring the text from “Motivation” back to “Punishment”, and removing the random zooms in the Western release of the game.

If you have Criminal Girls: Invite Only and you want to bring the game back to its real, devilishly titillating glory, you can do so by downloading the voice mod from over on

Also, be sure to thank DoritoDew and the other modders for their hard work in keeping gaming legit with their mods by visiting the Steam forum page.


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