Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 DLC Adds Thong Bathing Suit, Cop Outfit

PS4 and PS Vita users who imported Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 have some additional DLC to look forward to, as Koei Tecmo released some new golden thong bathing suit and some new cop attire for the lovely ladies catching some R&R on Zack’s island.

DualShockers spotted the new DLC offerings for the PS4 and PlayStation Vita. It’s called “Sea Anemones” and is a police officer themed costume for the girls, featuring a pencil skirt with a brown belt, golden buckle and a matching black tie. It’s offset with a dark gray shirt with a badge and a tiny little police hat resting on the top of the lovely lady’s head. A pair of pristine white gloves round out the ensemble piece.

The DLC also comes in a number of other flavorful colors, featuring a pear and peach-orange set, a light gray set, a pink and camouflaged set, a lighter pink and black skirt set, a red and black set, another pink set, and two different iterations of a blue uniform set. You can view each one below.


If you take a fancy to the outfit you’ll only have a limited amount of time to get your hands on it. According to DualShockers this police uniform is only going to be available between January 5th and January 18th, two weeks from now. You can either use the in-game money you’ve earned to purchase the outfit or purchase it with real money via the cash shop.

You can purchase the police officer uniform from the PlayStation Store for PS4 or for the PS Vita, even if you have the English-Asia version.

But that’s not all… Koei also has some additional bathing suits up for grabs. The sixth DLC pack featuring the “Labyrinth” and “Popcorn” bathing suits can be purchased between January 5th and January 18th as well, one of which includes the bathing suit in the header image, which is a one-piece thong outfit with an open string-up tie in the back.


It’s the kind of outfit where if you died after seeing it you could rest easy knowing you died having a small piece of heaven in your heart.

Koei Tecmo continues to cater to their fanbase even though they never released Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 outside of Asia. Imports for the game broke records for Play-Asia, and it’s currently one of the only few places out there where you can actually get your hands on the game. Unfortunately, due to extreme feminism and SJW media outlets in the West, Koei Tecmo decided to forfeit releasing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in America and Europe, forcing gamers to truly hate SJWs for depriving them of the title.

Koei Tecmo also has a VR update planned for release as well, and it triggered journalists into calling it a sexual harassment simulator.


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