Dystoria, 3D Vector Shooter Releases February 21st

The two-man team at Tri-Coastal Games revealed a new trailer for their 3D vector arcade shooter, Dystoria. The game takes place in virtual cyberspace where players will have to utilize a sense of space and depth perception while also battling against foes in tactically challenging maps.

Mixing in six-degrees of freedom and heavily stylized graphics, Dystoria is a throwback to games like Zone Raiders and Descent, while also opting to utilize visuals reminiscent to the old arcade vector games like BattleZone and Tron.

One half of Tri-Coastal Games, Daryl Wilson, commented in the press release about the upcoming arcade-shooter, saying…

“Dystoria has been inspired by 80s movies and games along with titles like Tron, Descent, Star Wars, Super Mario Galaxy, and we are intent on offering an exhilarating experience, both visually and audibly. Already we are pleased to hear the media say in positive terms they can’t think of any game out there – like this!”

The real hook for Dystoria is how the six-degrees is utilized. Players can move across any direction on any surface. You can see how the concept was implemented with the trailer below.

It’s obviously a game designed for a very particular audience in mind. If you enjoy games like this and want to experience something like Dystoria for yourself, you’ll only have to wait until the end of February to get your hands on the game.

Being able to move across complex surfaces in order to collect the orbs and exit the stage might seem easy, but when you have a variety of baddies attempting to shut you down, hunt you down and make you pay, it’s easy to see how things can get rather challenging rather quickly.

They have 29 levels planned for the game’s release, and they’re scheduling to get the title up and out by February 21st. You can keep track of Dystoria by visiting the Steam store page.


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