Enter The Gungeon Cheats Updated With Unlimited Money, Health, Keys
Enter the Gungeon Supply Drop Cheats
(Last Updated On: January 28, 2017)

Dodge Roll’s Enter The Gungeon was the surprise hit of 2016. The game came out smoking and popping like a Hot Pocket in the hands of a 4chan moderator. The game has gone on to sell more than a half million copies on Steam alone. The title also recently received a new expansion called Supply Drop. Well, whether you’re a returning dungeon crawler or you’re brand new to the ways of the gungeon, there are some cheat codes available for you to use to help ease the pain and suffering while traveling through the rogue-like dungeons.

The first trainer is a free trainer from over on the Mr. Antifun download page. It’s been updated recently and includes a number of different cheats you can utilize while in the game, including the following:

• Inf.Health
• Inf.Blanks
• Inf.Ammo
• No Reload
• Inf.Keys
• Inf.Money

The cheat trainer works with the latest 64bit version of 1.1.0 of Enter The Gungeon. You’ll be able to make headway through the maps with ease thanks to the infinite health and infinite ammo. And accessing various areas with the infinite keys should also make traversal a breeze.

In order to utilize the health cheat you have to first start a world and then once the health hearts appear then activate the cheat. For the key cheat you have to use a key and then activate the cheat and use a key again for you to gain infinite keys. The same applies for the money cheat as well.

A less cumbersome method of cheating your way through Dodge Roll’s Enter The Gungeon is available through the WeMod download page. They also offer similar cheats through the Infinity trainer. You can check out the list below.

• Unlimited Ammo
• No Reload
• Unlimited Health
• Unlimited Blanks
• Easy Kills
• Unlimited Money
• Unlimited Keys

And finally, there’s a premium cheat trainer available over on Cheat Happens, featuring some additional cheats you won’t find in the trainers available above. They include things like money counting as Hegemoney, or disabling enemy attacks, or editing the amount of keys or money you have, or infinite armor, or enemy bullets not hurting. You can check out the full list below.

• Super Damage
• Enemy Bullets Don’t Hit
• Unlimited Blanks
• Infinite Armor
• Money Counts as Hegemoney
• Infinite Health
• Disable Enemy Attacks
• No Reload
• Add Money
• Add Keys
• Unlimited Ammo
• Edit Money
• Edit Keys

All the trainers were recently updated, likely in anticipation of Enter The Gungeon: Supply Drop releasing. The latest expansion and the full game is available right now over on the Steam store for $14.99.

(Main image courtesy of biggoodeeny)

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