Fiesta Online Nude Mod Arrives Late To The Party
Fiesta Online Nude Mod

Fiesta Online has been out for more than a decade. Gamigo’s MMO made its debut in North America back in late 2007, but only recently made its way to Steam (after being Greenlit) in early 2016. Given that Steam opened the game up to a whole new audience, some of those audience members included modders… and some of those modders decided it was time to give the game a much needed nude mod makeover.

Modder Yaseeda recently uploaded the nude mod for Fiesta Online over on the Undertow.Club download page.

The mod turns the female characters into fighters, mages and warriors wearing nothing but their birthday suit.

You can see a preview of the mod with the image below. While that image is censored, if you click through you’ll be able to see the uncensored version of the mod… making it NSFW.

According to Yaseeda, he had been holding on to the mod for a while but felt as if his work wasn’t really receiving much recognition or credit on its own. He decided to upload his mods to the Undertow to give gamers looking for a naughty bit of artistic expression in Fiesta Online an opportunity to ratchet up the titillation factors of the festive, Korean MMO.

Yaseeda notes that after his research, there just weren’t enough nude mods for the game, and he figured he would shove his balls into the modding playpen…

“After doing some search, I have realised that there no thread for Fiesta Online’s mods, even tho naked mod for it exists for quite a long time ( I have released version 0.99 like 4 years ago).
Out of like 3 or 4 different versions I have found by googling my seems to be the most detailed, and its not a surprise that private servers are using it.”

You can grab the ancient MMORPG right now from over on the Steam store right now if you’re interested in researching and testing whether or the mods work for Gamigo’s game.


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