Galactic Junk League Guide: Basic Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Galactic Junk League is currently out through Steam Early Access and is by publisher and developer Pixel Foundation. The block building spaceship game can be tricky for beginners and that’s why this guide aims to help folks who are new to the multiplayer, space RPG. Galactic Junk League is out now on Steam for free.

If you are new and have trouble as of recent playing Galactic Junk League, maybe this guide will help you out so that you can build an ideal ship to take on other counterparts. The game can be hard at times if you don’t know how to work with teammates, utilizing stage design as cover or using your weapons and guns appropriately to decimate your enemies.

Before jumping into the ideal ship, it’s worth noting that you will need to protect your core in your own ship. This core is a green box that keeps your ship and your enemy’s ship running through space.

It’s best to check out your enemy team while waiting for a game to load up to see where the core is located in their ships. You can do this by clicking on the enemy team ships to find out where the core is and try to approach one of the ships with your team in a tactical way to destroy them one by one.

This now leads us to building a nice ship (that may have some flaws here and there) but is ideal for beginners to get the grasp of Galactic Junk League. The video showing the “Basic Rookie Ship” comes in by PotatoMcWhiskey.

The key is always to stick with your team, use cover rationally (like space rocks and other structures), utilize all your guns by turning your ship to chip away at enemies, and to protect your ship and its core, while turning your enemies into dust in space by destroying all of their cores.

Galactic Junk League is out now for PC via Steam Early Access and currently runs for free.


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