Gravity Rush 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
Gravity Rush 2 Walkthrough

SIE Japan Studio’s highly awaited Gravity Rush 2 has released for the PlayStation 4. The new 3D, gravity-defying platformer is a real breath of fresh air from a lot of the typical shooters, rogue-likes, survival games and indie games that PlayStation gamers have been given lately. For gamers looking for a little bit of help with Gravity Rush 2, there’s a walkthrough guide available.

After a short cinematic plays showing a mining crew entering into the atnisogere of the event horizon, players are placed in control of one of the miners on the crane. You can get acquainted to the basic movement and camera controls while waiting for the cinematic to end.

The on-screen heads-up display will tell you what to do and where to go: at the start you’ll simply need to follow one of the other miners across the destroyed area.

A gravity storm hits and the two miners attempt to mine even while an evacuation order is called in. The two begin to mine but a giant piece of debris falls and ends up damaging their suits, breaking the pressure controls on the suit. The two miners ditch the suit and we find out it’s Kat and Syd inside.

After running and escaping the gravity storm with a bit of help from Lisa, we’re introduced to the basic story that reveals that Kat and Syd have survived the events of the first game but in the process Kat lost her powers, Dusty the cat and Raven her friend and rival.

Lisa gives Kat a mission to deliver a message to Misai, which sets players on their first main quest; without gravity powers of course.

Follow the on-screen nav indicators sprinkled across the Banga Settlement to talk to NPCs, take on quests and progress through the story.

The first main mission is just a basic series of fetch quests. YouTuber Santosx07 covers the basic quests in the early goings of the game with the video playlist you can check out below.

Continue following the nav points, including the mission that involves platforming across the rocks above the gravity pit where Cecie is. You’ll have to dodge the Nevi while attempting to reach Cecie. The R2 and the left analog stick can be used to dodge.

When Dusty shows up you can use Kat’s gravity powers by tapping R1. You can perform gravity attacks by tapping R1 and then pressing Square. You can use the right analog to direct Kat while she floats in mid-air. Press R1 again to have Kat travel to that destination.

You can stop floating at any time by using the L1 button.

The first half hour of the game will give you plenty of time to practice Kat’s gravity.

You can land and stand on objects by moving Kat toward them with the R1 button.

The Gravity Gauge will deplete while using her powers in any capacity but you can grab the blue gems to replenish the bar.

It will take some getting used to with controlling and mastering Kat’s gravity control given that she can’t actually fly like in traditional games. You can direct Kat’s falling using the left analog stick or you can hold down ‘X’ to speed up Kat’s descent, which makes it a little bit like flying.

Finish the tutorial to head into Episode 2.

The next mission involves mining for ore by beating up the green orbs and collecting the pink gems.

Just run around and punch and kick the green orbs to collect the gems. You can also learn how to utilize the stasis field gravity generator by holding down Circle and aiming at enemy targets and throwing objects at the designated target.

Majority of Episode 2 will be collecting ore and fighting off some of the low tier Nevi.

Kat will face off against a large Nevi where you’ll need to weaken it by hitting all of its vital points that will be highlighted for you. Simply aim at them with your right analog and press Square to attack them.

After completing Episode 2 you’ll be able to unlock and upgrade Kat’s powers using the gems you collected from the ore deposits.

You’ll also be able to take on both story missions and side missions after speaking to Syd.

Episode 3 sees Kat exploring the Forbiddan Lands.

As showcased in the video, there are lots of flying enemies in the Forbiddan Land and it’s easy to take them down using the gravity throw attack with Circle.

Each of the isles throughout the Forbiddan Land have tablets. Simply read the tablets, follow the instructions and proceed through to the end to face off against the boss.

If the flying Nevi prove to be difficult, and there are no nearby objects to throw, use the gravity kick to take them out. You can also use Piercing hrow by charging the gravity field by holding down Circle for just over a second.

One of the sub-bosses in the level will be an armored Nevi. You can throw objects at him or use the gravity kick to chip away his armor and defeat him. For the challenge where you have to offer the tablet “seven spiky things”, simply pick up the nearby spiky thimbleweeds and throw them at the tablet.

During Episode 3 you’ll also learn how to use one of Kat’s other new abilities called Spiralling. You can use the attack by tapping Triangle while targeting an enemy. Successively target and tap Triangle to spiral through enemies using an auto-aiming dash attack.

You’ll also learn how to Gravity Slide. Press L2 to begin a Gravity Slide. You can use ‘X’ to jump or tap L2 again to stop sliding.

Fighting the boss is just like fighting other Nevi, only it has a lifebar. Attack the orbs either using Kat’s attacks or by throwing objects at it until it’s lifebar is whittled away.

Completing Episode 3 will unlock the ability to utilize Talisman. You can access them from the main menu. Talisman work much like relics or accessories in other RPGs, increasing Kat’s life or defenses or other bonuses outside of upgrading her core abilities.

You can then take on Episode 4: A Dog Without A Collar.

The fourth episode centers around competitions that Kat has to participate in against Fi. Don’t worry about losing the last two rounds of knocking down the targets, it’s rigged for Kat to lose.

The second competition is a straight fight between Kat and Fi. Just dodge his combo and prcoeed to use Kat’s combos to force a bell out of him. Grab the three bells from Fi to win the match.

Once you finish Episode 4 you’ll complete Chapter 1 and proceed to Chapter II: Jirga Para Lhao.

There are a number of new missions available along with plenty of side quests.

Episode 5 will see you having to search out the Angry Centipede gang to retrieve the stolen ore cargo.

Show some of the NPCs the picture and they’ll point you in the direction that they’re located.

Head over to the second island where the plaza is located and proceed to ask the store owners about the Angry Centipede gang. The shop owner will direct you to the bars, and the bar shopp owner will direct you to the shop with the pink awing.

The NPCs will eventually direct kat to the Houseboat Fleet of Lei Elgona.

Talk to the NPCs around the ghetto floating isles and a little girl will direct you to another NPC who will then direct you to the Angry Centipede member. You’ll need to tail him without being seen.

Defeat the Angry Centipedes, watch the cinematic and then fight off the garrison troops and their mech. This will end Episode 5.

Episode 6: Separate Tables is a delivery quest. You have to follow the waypoints and deliver the invitations for the fair lady at the mansions around the exquisite estates around the gentry isles.

Your first invitation gets waylaid due to having to find a balloon for a bratty little kid. The balloon is at the top of the mansion on the far back tower.

You’ll have to water the plants at the next mansion before you can deliver the invitation. Use the stasis field with Circle to throw water at the plants.

The last invitation requires finding the master of the house while he plays a game of hide and seek. You’ll find him at the bottom of the island underneath the mansion between a crack.

Head back to the fair lady and receive the next fetch quest – you’ll need to pick up fuel for the party from the market. You have the choice of either giving the fuel to the rich lady or giving the fuel to the Angry Centipedes who need the fuel in order to survive.

If you give the fuel to the lady you’ll find out that the garrison troops are set to attack the poor people in the Lei Elgona district. You’ll need to head down to Lei Elgona, which is on fire and use the stasis field to pick up water orbs from the water tanks and target the fires. Shoot the orbs at the fire to put them out. Proceed to defeat the troops and their mech.

Raven will be called in to help the troops and knocks out Kat, which concludes the episode.

Episode 7: Wandering Heart requires Kat to infiltrate Fort Bismalia and discover why Raven is working for them as the Night Gale.

You’ll have to stowaway on the freighter taking the wine up to the Bismalia for the garrison. Quickly fall over onto the freighter and ride it up to the fort. Hide underneath the freighter to avoid being detected by the scout.

Chase down Raven to the city. Follow the carnage Raven leaves behind to meet up with her and beat her up. After knocking the mask off, Kat breaks the mind control over Raven.

Take out the garrison troops and the mech boss by targeting the orbs around its legs to complete the episode.

Episode 8: Like A Radio requires doing reconnaissance on the Bismalia by taking pictures of the flying fortress. Try to avoid being spotted, otherwise the mission will restart. You’ll need to exercise stealth while keeping the alert level low. You can also deescalate the alert level by beating up the soldiers who spotted you before they can raise the alarm.

You’ll need to complete a mini-game featuring Kat having to sing a cabaret for the troops. The sequence is: ”A Red Apple Fell From The Sky”

After the little cabaret scene ends, beat up the bad guys and make an escape.

Episode 9: And The Soldier’s Wife? Involves diving into a rift to find the records for the council. There are a lot of fragmented isles and debris floating around in the rift. Head to the isles and read the tablets. Complete the missions on the tablet to complete the challenge and move to the next isle. You’ll need to rinse and repeat the challenges, similar to what was featured in the Forbidden Land episode.

Kat will need to travel through the area while gaining access to the new Lunar Style abilities to get to the record deep into the city. Some platform challenges will await you, requiring a bit of timing and patience, along with additional combat challenges.

Head to Neu Hiraleon to get the record. Searching the ruins will trigger a cinematic with Kat and Raven followed by a big ‘ole boss battle. Like the other bosses, attack the eyes/orbs until it’s defeated.

Completing the episode will unlock the ability to use the Lunar style as you please, simply flick the touchpad on the DualShock 4 to activate Lunar style.

Episode 10: No Messiah, No Message is up next.

You’ll need to talk to Kat to get the mission started. You’ll need to head to the Bismalia and free the hostages from the lower levels and work your way up. Head onto the lower rock surface and beat up the bars to free the hostages. Carry the hostages back down to the airship with Lisa.

Rinse and repeat this until it’s time to free Cecie and Syd. You’ll have to continue to break the cells and free the hostages, but you’ll need to be careful of patrolling guards.

From there Kat and Raven will need to infiltrate the upper part of the base where the armored soldiers are. You can use the tandem stealth attacks with Raven to take out two guards at a time if you target one or the other. Raven will automatically prep and take out the other guard.

Proceed to free Cecie and Syd and fight the rocket-wielding guards.

Kat and Raven will need to delay the guns from firing but don’t worry about the timer because you won’t be able to stop it in time. Vogo will crash his ship into the Bismalia to buy Kat and Raven time. Run through and battle the guards and mechs.

A quick way to beat the two Eliminators is to use the stasis field to throw lots of debris at the weak points repeatedly. This will quickly diminish the life of the Eliminators. Beating them will complete Episode 10.

Episode 11: The Crowd sees Kat going up to Lei Havina to fight off the Nevi at the old settlement where the throng is gathered. Beat up the Nevi and then start the mission at the auditorium.

Following a cinematic Kat and Raven will need to go rescue a rich man’s family at his mansion. Proceed to escape from Neu Hiraleon – the ancient city where Kat acquired her Lunar abilities – which has come to life.

Proceed to the checkpoints to save the people from the city-eating city.

Use the bombs using the stasis field to throw the bombs at the waypoints on the bridge. Be wary of flying Nevi who will get in the way. You can also use debris to throw it at the bridge.

Rescue the kids and battle the lost city’s arms and eyes.

In order to defeat Neu Hiraleon Kat and Raven must infiltrate the city, which is the start of Episode 12.

Follow the image in the photograph to land on a roof with a moon structure. You’ll need to head onto the streets and head deep inside the alleyways on the ground level of the city to reach the landmark.

Battle through the inside of Neu Hiraleon, just like the previous challenges when Kat and Raven investigated the city previously.

Kat will gain the new Jupiter Style gravity abilities, adding weight and more power to her attacks. You can utilize the Jupiter attacks by holding down Square to charge up the surge kick and send shock waves reverberating through the area.

The majority of the stage is simply a series of combat challenges, time challenges and platform challenges. You’ll need to break through the floors and walls in order to progress.

In the section with Kat and Raven having to double team the door – back up and get some space and then charge your kick along with Raven to blast through.

At the center of the city is a giant skull tube monster working as the gravity machine. Beat the crap out of its eyes to weaken it. Continue to weaken the monster by destroying the orbs in the tubes.

A cinematic will play where Raven and Cecie are swallowed up in the rift where Kat will speak with Cyanea and Gade, who explain to Kat that there’s still work to be done and all the mysteries will soon be explained, wrapping up the end of the chapter and the end of the episode. This leads into Chapter 3: Hekseville.

Kat ends up in Hekseville alone. You need to head home and then head out to find Aki.

This ends Episode 12 and starts Episode 13: Alone Again.

You’ll spend a good deal of time talking to buy on the street to get info on what’s going on in Hekseville.

Proceed to beat up the Nevi in the following sequence as indicated by the navpoints.

Episode 13 is rather short, and once you clear out the Nevi the episode will end.

Follow the navpoint to Aki after the cinematics to cue more cinematics and unlock the ability to merge, change, modify and combine talisman.

Episode 14: Carefree Gentlemen is the next episode on the block and requires heading into the lower parts of Auldnoir, the old town in Hekseville. Travel to Kat’s home to start the episode. More cinematics follow and you’ll simply need to follow the navpoints into the ghetto part of Hekseveille, Endestria.

It’s a series of just following the navpoints until you get to the housing block where a gang of Nevi posing as debris will attack you. Once you clear out the Nevi and help the older gentlemen, you’ll need to stand in line and wait to purchase a crepe. Go around around asking people about his whereabouts. You’ll find up north near a lookout, sitting alone on the bench.

You can choose between Destiny, Foresight and Miracles when he asks Kat about what she places her faith in. From there, take him to the top of the tower where he’ll ask Kat about Justice, Faith and Purpose. Head to the Ferris wheel by taking the route through the train station to avoid being spotted by the police.

After making it to the Ferris Wheel, he’ll ask Kat about the past, present or future. After another cinematic Episode 14 will end.

Episode 15: Swallow in the Mirror starts up on the isle where the new mayor preps to make a speech.

The mission is a recon quest involving finding the missing Grigos. This all leads to a mission involving stopping cruise missiles in mid-air. Simply use Kat’s stasis field when you get close enough and then throw the missile at the other missile to blow them both up. Rinse and repeat this to complete the task.

Fighting the rebels on the flying machines can be a bit tricky due to how quickly they move, use the stasis field to throw objects at the flying machines. Kali will help aid Kat by fighting the rebels on the ground. Completing the segment will finish Episode 15.

The next mission involves escorting the little girl around the square. Stay within the park and don’t go too far over any of the bridges. Stay within the park unless instructed to go elsewhere.

Episode 16: Words, Words involves heading back to the old town and taking on a mission to find the missing storage case. You’ll need to use the signal radio to find the missing case. The beacon will light up when you head to the lower level through a tunnel access.

Destroy the fake beacons around the area. Some of the beacons are down below the city in the transport access as well as on the towers just outside the district.

Eventually you’ll encounter a rebel on a stingray and you’ll to chase him down and use the gravity kick to damage his unit. He’ll call for reinforcements but you can keep track of him since he’ll have the navpoint numbers on his stingray. Proceed to fight the rebels and the two Delta bosses.

After a cinematic where it’s revealed that Dr. Brahman is actually a bad guy and wants to freeze time for the entire world so he can be together with his daughter, who is stuck in a perpetual time stasis. The rebels were attempting to stop him but Kat aided him in his plan inadvertently.

Episode 17: Road to Lonely starts when Kat decides to forfeit working with Dr. Brahman, resulting in him turning Kat into a fugitive and sending the police after her. The next tasks involving heading home and then heading to Aki’s place.

The next mission involves a stealth segment where you’ll have to not use the hacked Grigo units to bypass the patrols.

It turns out that Kali Angel and her sister were actually orphans and Dr. Brahman took them in from the orphanage . However, in attempting to manipulate time to retrieve his own sick daughter from the rift, he ended up trapping one of the orphans in a time space rift.

Kat will need to beat Kali and will get aid from Raven, who escapes from the Rift.

That concludes the episode.

Episode 18: Two Angels involves tracking down the Grigos as they move through the city streets. The Grigos will attack the police station and Kat, the police and Raven will need to fend themselves off from Dr. Brahman’s Grigos. The Jupiter style is good for this particular fight to clear out the Grigos. It’s also useful for fighting Kali… again.

It turns out that Kali is able to transform Cecie into her missing sister, Durga, drawing Durga out of the time rift and using Cecie’s body as a host. Kat and Raven have to work together to fight Kali and Durga.

You won’t be able to beat Durga, only barely chipping away at her life, resulting in Kat and Raven failing. This ends the episode and starts Episode 19: Dimmed Light.

Like in the other previous episodes featuring the tablet challenges, you’ll have to fly around, beating up enemies, completing the challenges successively until you reach the end.

After completing all of the challenges, you’ll have to battle an evil version of Kat in a boss fight amongst a floating cradle of cracked hands.

Slide across the cracked glass using the Jupiter style and the gravity slide to avoid the Nevi and reach the end of the segment. Defeat the woman to unlock Panther mode, which allows Kat to attack in mid-air and travel across the run across the air. Use Panther mode to defeat the other Kat for a third time.

Episode 20: How To Say Goodbye requires destroying the bulbs powering the stasis field that Dr. Brahman is using in an attempt to stop time.

Destroy the bulbs and inside Durga and Kali will be inside of a bubble. Charge up with Raven to attack the bubble and damage it until the life bar dwindles. Proceed to fight Yunica and Permet after destroying Durga and Kali’s bubble. You’ll have to prevent them from attacking Durga while you fight them.

After defeating Yunica and Permet fight Kali… again. Jupiter style will take a lot of life from her. Kali will go all Akira and swallow Cecie. You’ll need to defeat Kali by attacking the the orbs across her deformed body until it’s defeated.

After the credits you can head back in to finish some of the other missions, including the true secret ending by picking up the Shining Girl mission from the Entertainment District in Hekseville. You should be able to see the Shining Girl blip on your map. Youtuber Kylive Gaming has the videos for the secret missions and how to get the true ending, which you can check out below.

Follow the Shining Girl around the map, as indicated in the video above. You’ll find her on the rooftops in another district at the northern most map after you talk to her by one of the piers in the Entertainment District. Head to the rooftops in the Downtown District at the bell tower to talk to the Shining Girl, Alua, and unlock the secret Episode… Episode 21: End of the World, which is located in the Old Town.

You’ll have to travel up through the tower as a sort of 3D platforming puzzle. Eventually it will lead you to the game’s true ending and the final set of boss fights.

The entire Eto segment will require reading through nearly an hour’s worth of dialogue, but it all comes together eventually.

You’ll need to read the books, get the key and eventually get the missing page from the book and place it in to finally progress, save Raven, fight Cai and then save Hekseville.

For each of the bosses in the game, ProsofaiaGaming also has a guide featuring just over an hour of boss fights from start to finish. Many of the bosses are standard fare; target the orb, pop it with an attack and rinse and repeat to finish the job. If you’re having trouble with the patterns the video below can help you out.


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