GRIP: Full Kontakt Trailer Features Grunge Techno Soundtrack

A new trailer for the racing game GRIP has gone live featuring the music from Full Kontakt. The trailer highlights the game’s dirty, grunge-techno soundtrack, which hearkens back to the days of the late 1990s where EDM was all the rave and rave music was actually a thing.

The trailer is short and sweet, clocking in at only a minute and 14 seconds, but it does what it does very well. If you’ve been a fan of the hardcore electronic rave scene, then you’ll definitely love the music featured in the trailer below.

The trailer isn’t all about the audio, though. We also get a good, healthy helping of the actual gameplay of GRIP from developers Caged Element.

We see the lightning fast gameplay on display, the gravity defying tunnel riding, and the combat oriented escapades that help give it an extra bit of oomph and pizazz.

The industrial instruments fused with those fast tracks, unforgiving opponents and devastating weapons help convey that futuristic edginess that was present in old-school 1990 titles like Revolt and Forsaken and Xtreme G.

At the moment, GRIP is currently still in development by Caged Element, slowly working through the Early Access phase on the road to completion. They have four vehicles implemented so far, six game modes, more than 24 different levels, four weapons and 11 in-game music tracks.

The game entered into Early Access back in February of 2016, but they have plans on graduating in spring of 2017, later this year.

You can currently pick up a digital copy of the current work-in-progress version of GRIP for $15.99 by paying a visit to the Steam store. During the Steam Winter sale it’s discounted by 15% off, so you’ll only have to pay $13.59.

The developers regularly throw out updates for the game, constantly improving on the graphics, the handling and the tracks leading up to its full release. So it’s not one of those Early Access games where they fired it off on the platform and forgot about it.