Haydee Mods Add Poison From SFIV And Tracer From Overwatch
Haydee Mods - Overwatch

Two popular new mods to make their way into Haydee Interactive’s Haydee, the third-person action puzzle game, come from two other popular games, namely Street Fighter IV and Overwatch.

Modder Simplesim7 put together a collection of customizable entities for the Poison mod for Haydee. You can download the mod for the game from over on the Steam Workshop.

The mod features correct boob physics, and Poison is decked out in a tiny little micro-bikini that comes in different colors. She has a few customizable accessories to wear as well, including her sunglasses. Unfortunately, her iconic cop hat is missing from her attire, but just about everything else has mad the cut.

You can see the extremely fit and very curvaceous intersex pugilist from Street Fighter on display in Haydee, courtesy of YouTube user Majin Vongola.

The second mod is from modder henaro, featuring Tracer from Overwatch. The lesbian lead from Blizzard’s first-person shooter makes her debut in the third-person with quality aplomb. You would actually think that Tracer was a natural in Haydee given that she has better animations walking and shooting in Haydee than her world view model does in Overwatch!

Henaro made it where you can modify various parts of her outfit, much like her iteration in Garry’s Mod. You can add and remove her time-space displacement vest, her goggles, and the fur around the sleeves.

The normals are a little dark giving her a far more tinted tinge to her skin tone than how she looks in Overwatch, but the animations are spot on, and he even managed to keep the boob physics, though admittedly since Tracer is much smaller than Haydee the bounce is far less noticeable. You can see what she’s like in the video demonstration of the mod below FOB3X.

Tracer’s butt also makes an appearance, still as eye-popping as it was last year before SJWs complained about her back pose being too sexualized. It’s funny because after SJWs complained about her sexuality being inappropriate for kids since she’s supposed to be an asexual role-model, Blizzard made her the only character to show her actual sexuality.

Anyway, you can download the mod for Haydee to play as Tracer in the third-person puzzle shooter by grabbing the file from the Steam Workshop download page.

Haydee is available right now on Steam for $14.99.


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