Hellion Launch Trailer Reveals February 24th Early Access Date

The game nicknamed “Rust in space” has a new trailer out that stands as its launch announcement. Hellion sees players surviving in space and having to use physics-based ships and objects to beat the odds of death, whilst fighting off other players. Zero Gravity Games is set to release Hellion into Early Access for Steam on February 24th.

The game has been garnering a lot of comments regarding that it’s like Rust, but in space. However you take that depends on you, but something that’s been released as of recent is Hellion’s launch date.

The space game will be out for folks to play starting on February 24th, and will most likely bring some new stuff along for the ride. If you are wondering where this information comes from the developers, namely Zero Gravity Games, has the announcement up on the game’s latest trailer description, which you can catch below.

“Zero Gravity team is excited to announce that Hellion will be ready for Steam Early Access launch on Friday, February 24, 2017. That will be the moment when players from all around the globe will have a chance to join us in the grim dystopian future of Hellion, a world that we have been patiently building, piece by piece for quite some time now.”

The trailer only runs for 55 seconds and almost enters the one minute mark, which in practice is borderline teaser trailer. If you are curious to see the sleep chamber and the count down to Early Access, you can watch the trailer below.

Once in the game players will have the choice of teaming up or facing off with one another across the vastness of space. To survive in Hellion players must build and craft different segments to a ship to withstand the harshness of space and others with ill intentions.

Lastly, you can find out more regarding Hellion by heading on over to its main site.


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