Horizon: Zero Dawn Story Trailer Reveals Lead Villain, More Armor
Horizon: Zero Dawn Villain

A new story trailer was released for Guerrilla Games’ upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn, giving gamers some details on what the actual story is in the game and how Aloy goes about finding out what led to the massacre of her people.

Aloy’s people settle for praying to the goddess, but Aloy decides to venture out and find out what’s really going on. She travels to different cities looking for help, and we find out that the masked man and his followers have been able to revive some of the more dangerous robosaurs, making it difficult for people to travel the land. You can check out the trailer below.

We learn that the main bad guy is using the really dangerous robosaurs to infect and take control of the lesser robosaurs. He apparently has plans on raising a fairly devastating army. Aloy apparently has to try to find some allies to help take him down and stop the evil robosaurs.

Throughout the trailer we get to see some of the different armor and outfits Aloy can don. I’m still a little leery about her weapons. I know Guerrilla didn’t want her using guns, but hopefully they have a very wide selection of different tools at the player’s disposal other than just the bowcaster, staff and harpoon cables. Variety is the spice of life.

Also, Aloy seems to look eerily similar to Kristen Bell.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - Aloy


Anyway, the trailer wraps up with a look at Metal Gear Rex’s unloved big brother. We see it tearing and blowing up the future medieval-Aztec city while talk of the world ending becomes the last looming words rested upon the ears of viewers.

I’m cautiously optimistic about Horizon. It looks like it could be a great game, and the whole robosaurs theme is awesome. But there’s been a trend in gaming lately to forfeit gameplay for Hollywood-style cinematic storytelling. So we’ll see if Guerrilla can maintain the gameplay aspects of Horizon when it launches on February 28th next month.


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