Mario Kart Double Dash Track Creator Is Now Available

Modders and hackers have managed to create a fully functional Mario Kart: Double Dash track creator for the 2003 racing game for the GameCube.

Gaming Reinvented picked up the news from over on the SMW Central website, where shibboleet informed the gaming community that the DouBOL Dash track creator for Mario Kart: Double Dash is currently available in beta as version 0.1.

The toolset allows you to create your own tracks, checkpoints, export image data, setup directional pathways, preview assets and load your content into the GameCube ROM of Double Dash.

Shibboleet explained that the whole DouBOL Dash tool started as a soft project in the summer of 2016, but has evolved into something so much more spectacular, writing…

“DouBOL Dash is a program written in C# that I began in the summer of 2016, and let’s just say I programmed it horribly. I spammed datagridviews and I called it “progress”, when it was the complete opposite. A buggy mess. However, recently, I had decided to take another crack at it. And this time, I would honestly admit that it has been a success so far. And one of my goals of this program is to make it easier to use (and less buggy) than NiAlBlack’s BOL editor, which only had a 2D view with small points to determine position (and not a very good visual on heights.)”

You can alter enemy route points, implement checkpoint links, change route points, add objects, modify the starting point, alter the cameras and add respawn points.

You can view all the track data through .bol files, and view your creation’s object data, wireframe view, and topographical mesh data. There’s even the option to disable the triangle faces and view only the vertices so you can get an idea of where certain problems might be occurring at a specific space.

In other words, this is an extremely comprehensive track creation tool, and you can basically make the exact kind of Double Dash track of your dreams.

You can download the toolset right now from over on the GitHub download page.

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