Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Shows Space Sex And New Aliens
Mass Effect Andromeda
(Last Updated On: January 26, 2017)

If the only thing you can think about when playing Mass Effect games is whose space britches you’re going to get into or what alien skin you’ll get to see lying in bed next to the Pathfinder, then you get a slight hint at who you’ll be able to romance thanks to a new trailer showing off a few more crew mates in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

After focusing on the ground exploration, a little bit of the dialogue sequences, and some of the ground-based combat, BioWare and EA decided to release a trailer centered on both the threats against the crew of the Tempest.

You can check out the minute and a half long trailer below.

The first thing you’ll notice is that when the crew readies up to go out with Ryder, we see a new female human companion, a male human companion, a Krogan, and the Asari from before. We also see another strange looking alien creature introduced as well.

Another thing you’ll notice is that the crew mates you can romance no longer look like high class fashion models, but more like idealized versions of Tumblr users. Gone is the sultry Miranda, gone is the proud and ravishing Samara. The characters have less high-quality standards, meaning your space romps won’t be nearly as exciting as in the last games.

Later in the trailer Ryder, voiced by Nolan North, steals a line from The Avengers, saying he doesn’t need an army… he’s got a Krogan.

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Romance

We also get to see the short-haired blonde being romanced by Ryder, but if history tells us anything, she goes both ways. The other black guy will probably be the same way, especially after some people complained about how hard it was to romance Jacob in Mass Effect 2.

The plot still seems hazy. While the humans are obviously trying to find a new home they have to face off against new threats. It would have been interesting if the whole thing was literally just a desperate survival mission – that the situation and circumstances would be the real driving factor of the game and the pressure of finding a home would take its toll on Ryder. The character narrative could have focused on how Ryder deals with that pressure and whether or not they’ll ever actually find a hospitable new planet for humans to call home. However, it appears it’s going to be another good guy versus bad guy space story.

Oh well.

You can look for Mass Effect: Andromeda to launch on March 21st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Some gamers are a little hesitant to jump on board after one of the game designers openly expressed his racist position against gamers, opting for some people to say they were boycotting Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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  • Ebalosus

    Let’s see, we’ve got:

    -An ambush with the main antagonist that kills a major character
    -Meeting with a crime-lord to solve a mystery
    -A focus on combat and romance

    Sounds awfully familiar to the Mass Effect game that I thought they weren’t lazily rehashing…

  • Raging Papist

    The the physical ugliness of the characters is something we should have seen coming after the purposefully unattractive characters in DA:I, where they actually downgraded from previous games. Beauty is just too damn oppressive and makes ugly people feel bad.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Infinite possibilities and they make the most generic and ugly characters they can?

    Bioware are a waste of time.

    • It’s crazy because ME1 is a decade old and Liari from there still looks better than what they have in this new game. It’s like they went out of their way to make the most generic, lame looking characters possible.

      • Even back in ME1 when character models were at their roughest, there were still a large number of female characters with faces I thought were pretty. Not just T’Soni, either; and not even restricted to the Asari at that.

        Dr. Michel, from that free health clinic in the Citadel Wards. Emily Wong, the reporter. Even Ashley, the Alliance soldier. Most of the female characters in those games I thought were actually attractive.

        Now, they’re all just, well… Maybe it’s a bit much to call them outright “ugly”, but they certainly don’t look half as good as the older characters from Shepard’s story.

        • I think ugly is appropriate. When Fem Ryder smiles it looks like she had a stroke.

      • BubbaHoTep

        Heck, comparing the default appearance of Shepard and Ryder makes it clear that they either have no talent left or they just don’t really care.

        Male Shepard is iconic to the series and is effectively the face of Mass Effect, while male Ryder is one of the most generic white dudes I’ve seen in a video game. And in the case of FemShep, while she only got a definitive default look in ME3, she’s still very recognizable. On the flip side, female Ryder looks like Silly Putty that was left in the sun for too long.

        • I was just about to say the same thing about male Shep… he was literally one of the defining faces of ALL of seventh gen gaming. Whether he was in the N7 armor or not, you definitely knew what game he was from. They picked some interesting models to be the faces of the previous games to help make the property stand out and to give gamers a reason to be interested in the characters.

          After going full SJW, they seem to be catering toward people who want to ruin gaming with the most hideous, generic faces one could imagine.

      • Disqusted

        Yeah, Liari has a really nice face.

  • Gorgon

    Interesting how racism against white people didn’t deter that guy from working on a game with whitest male protagonist ever. I guess regardless of what he spews on twitter, in the office she shuts the fuck up and does what he’s told to.

    • Disqusted

      There’s a token black guy and what looks like a feminist lesbian manhater, or something. That pic of them cuddling is probably her shoving a knife deep into the guy’s gut.


    Call me when it’s less than $40.

    • Laytonaster

      $40? You’re being too generous.

    • ItEotWaWKI

      Call me when it’s free… so I can still tell BLOWare ”No, go fuck yourselves”

  • Disqusted

    Uhh. Doesn’t look like they improved on their character models at all.

  • Kaelath The Red

    Gotta admit “I don’t need an army, I’ve got a Krogan” is a pretty good line.

    • …Krogans were just okay, though. I mean, they were fierce and all but nothing like what the Hulk was for the Avengers. It was a good line… but in the lore of Mass Effect it falls short based on how the Krogans have been presented throughout the series.