Metal Gear Solid 5 Mods Add Form-Fitting Female Fatigues, Kick-Butt 80’s Music

Not everybody likes playing female characters in military or stealth games that are as big and boxy as dudes. Some people like playing female characters for their more feminine figure and curvaceous aesthetic. Well, one modder decided to make the female military fatigues in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain a lot less… manly.

Modder morbidslinky thought that the female fatigues in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were too bulky, too square and overall… too masculine. Opposite of today’s mainstream media and the social media organizations that give them platforms to push for “gender fluidity” and the erasure of the feminine identity (especially female sexuality that entices straight men), morbidslinky wanted to bring a sense of femininity to the battlefield for the female soldiers. Writing on the mod page…

“It always bugged me that the female uniforms were almost as wide as the male uniforms, whereas the proportions on the female sneaking suit is so much thinner. This mod aims to make the fatigue more form-fitting on females.”

There are some images on mod page showing the differences between the normal set of fatigues and the new form-fitting fatigues. Essentially, morbidslinky tightened up the wastline, tightened the arm holes and lifted them as well, shrunk the fanny-packs and magazine packs, as well as thinned out the chest pouches and removed the bagginess from the pants.

If you want to get your hands on these functionally appropriate but still moderately sexy new digs, you can do so by downloading the mod for Metal Gear Solid V from the NexusMods page.

Now if you’re looking for a more kick-butt version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain using some cool 1980’s music, modder kakarotosupersaiyan has a mod that puts some awesome 1980’s music into The Phantom Pain. Youtuber The Revolution Gaming compiled a quick set of clips featuring the music from the mod in a video demonstration that you can check out below.

You can download the Kick-ass 80’s music mod for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain right now by hitting up the Nexusmods page.

Now if you loved the whole VHS tape look that was featured in the video above and you wanted to have your version of The Phantom Pain look the same, there’s actually a mod that reshades the game to look as if it were shot on a Kodak 5247 celluloid camera.

Metal Gear Solid V - Rambo III Kodak 5247 Mod

The mod was designed to make Metal Gear Solid V mimic the film tone of Rambo III from 1988.

The mod was designed by JinMar, and it’ll give you a film gauze with that grainy picture look to make the game appear as if it comes right out of 1988. It’ll go great with the form-fitting female fatigues and the cool 1980’s music.

You can download the Rambo III Kodak 5247 mod from over on


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