New Dawn, Unreal Engine 4 Survival Game Lets You Build An Army Of Slaves
New Dawn

Set during the age of discovery, New Dawn is a survival game where players take on the role of an indigenous survivor, battling against the elements, animals, pioneers and other players.

Developer e-Visualsoft Games revealed that the official Kickstarter for the game is live and underway right now.

They released a near eight minute video showing the Unreal Engine 4-powered game’s features, gameplay, mechanics, survival elements and combat. You can check it out below.

The pre-alpha footage starts by going over some basic of the basic gameplay concepts. They explain that the game takes place during the 19th century on a South American island. Players will have to utilize the native tools and items to craft settlements, weapons, and armor.

You will have basic surviving elements to deal with, including cold, rain, hunger and dehydration. The video goes over some of the basic crafting elements, along with the ability to build totems to take control of tribes.

One of the more impressive elements of New Dawn is the procedurally adjusted animation system for the tree climbing that was developed by Ikinema. This allows players to climb up all of the trees in the game, even if they’re at odd angles or slanted. The climbing animations look fantastic. They did a great job with them… along with the motion captured combat system.

They also cover how animals use procedural AI pathfinding within the map thanks to an AI pathfinding algorithm. This means that animals will roam and move about but not always in the most predictable ways.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the slavery system… yes, you can have slaves in the game.

First you must capture a pirate and then you must break him. After you bend the pirate to your will, you can then turn him into a slave.

There’s a meta-game involved with breaking the will of NPC pirates and turning them into slaves, so only diligent players who really want slaves will be able to do so.

They still have a month to go on their Kickstarter and they’re looking for $74,481 to bring New Dawn to life. You can learn more about the game or pledge funds to the title by visiting the official Kickstarter page.


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