NieR: Automata Creator Pokes Fun At 2B Butt Controversy
NieR: Automata

Some Photoshop gurus out there managed to modify a model sharing a semblance to NieR: Automata’s YoRHA No. 2B, the protagonist from the game. They gave the model a sphincter and shared a photo of it on social media attempting to stir up controversy from the typical moral arbiters of SJW-driven media outlets. It turns out that 2B doesn’t have a sphincter modeled into her mesh, as noted by Twitter user BigEWalrus, who did some due diligence in researching 2B’s rear end for proof.

After the community called out the Photoshop culprits on the whole ordeal, they wanted to get a response regarding the matter from the game’s creator, Yoko Taro.

Niche Gamer picked up Taro’s response from over on Twitter, where he stated…

“Due to the 2B butt controversy, many outrageous drawings are being made. Collecting them to share individually is a pain. It would be great if we can group them together to make it easier to distribute them every week.”

It won’t be hard to distribute them because they’re now spreading far and wide at a rapid rate. Given that the demo for NieR: Automata isn’t out on PC, and there’s no way to rip the model, some of you might be wondering where the naughty version of the 2B model came from or how it came to be?

Well, Niche Gamer linked to an IllusionSoft thread, where gamers had used the adult-themed character creation software to recreate a model with similar likeness to 2B. They then used that model for all sorts of extraneous activity the likes of which tantalizes the sensations of one’s imagination. In one such case, they’ve been using the 2B clone in dancing videos, like the one below from Betsujin.

NieR: Automata will be on PC, though. So the actual 2B model will likely be ripped and shared around the internet for all sorts of… useful purposes. At that point you won’t have to suffice for knockoff clones from IllusionSoft games.

NieR: Automata is due for release on PS4 in North America starting March 7th. The PC release is due sometime after in 2017, but an official date hasn’t been set yet.


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