Nintendo Switch Has Already Sold 500,000 Units Via GameStop Pre-Orders [Updated]
Nintendo Switch
(Last Updated On: January 17, 2017)

[Update: 1/16/2017:] There’s a correction to the previous report. Analyst Daniel Ahmad explained in a follow-up tweet that the 500,000 SKU figure referred to the Wii U and was not the SKU pre-order sales stat for the Nintendo Switch. Ahmad deleted the previous tweets and explained the following:

[Original article:] The hype for the pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch appears to be real. GameStop sold out of their initial pre-order stock and have already contacted Nintendo to get another batch ready.

According to market analyst Daniel Ahmad, GameStop’s initial batch went fast and they’ve already secured 500,000 SKUs for launch based on the pre-orders alone.

IGN also confirmed the news, reporting that GameStop senior VP of merchandising, Bob Puzon, confirmed to them that their stock has sold out and they are working to secure additional units for their stores to fulfill the rapidly growing pre-order numbers.

Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime had explained to Gamespot that they’ll be making sure that supply meets demand and that they won’t end up like in the NES Classic Edition situation where the device is still sold out from most retailers and they’re having a hard time keeping them in stock.

Fils-Aime explained that they have 2 million SKUs ready for the Nintendo Switch at launch. If GameStop manages to secure 500,000 more units that’ll boost that number to 2.5 million. We’re still a month and a half off from the Nintendo Switch’s release, so I’m sure Nintendo is happy about the figures so far.

The only major drawback to the system’s release will be the launch titles. So far they only have 1-2 Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the heavy-hitters, but the latter is definitely big enough to force several million Nintendo Switch units off store shelves. The real challenge will be keeping a steady supply of software coming in throughout spring and summer, something that did not happen with the Wii U.

The other major factor is price… $299 is a tall order for casual consumers, so they’ll need strong word of mouth to keep the system selling well after the initial first quarter launch.

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  • Disqusted

    People will buy anything. Would be interesting to see how well the reception would’ve been if the Switch wasn’t “born mobile”.

  • Mr Snow

    Last two years, big disappointments with preorders. Gamers still preordering.

    Yep, gamers are the dumbest demographic there is.

    • Disqusted

      Hope springs eternal.

    • disqus_Wz58Qq14ii

      I am happy I am going to be able to play Zelda day one. If I beat the game in 2 weeks then I will probably just sell the system.

  • Half a million already?

    And here I am hoping for it to bomb out catastrophically. Looks like that just isn’t going to happen, though…

    • GameSpate

      Why would you want that to happen? As far as I’m concerned, the Switch is a great hybrid-console, so why all the hate?

      • Disqusted

        It lacks Metroid~

        • TylorW

          For now……….hopefully.

          • Josh Reynolds

            Retro has been working on something for two years already, so hopefully there won’t have to be a long wait?

      • Nintendo hasn’t been good since the N64-GameCube era.

        I’d honestly rather see them drop out of the hardware market entirely.

        • GameSpate

          Instead of them making a strong comeback and being back with the big dogs? I really don’t understand your logic. I love my XBone, and my PC is my pride and joy, but to see Nintendo fail like that? Shit, that’s like seeing your oldest friend die a horrible death.

          • They WON’T be able to make a comeback when one of their flagship games is going to be running at 900P 30FPS. Seriously, the Switch is a damn lightweight.

            If they want to run with the big dogs, they need to run at their level. They can’t lag behind like this when every other console out there is going to be capable of 4K.

          • GameSpate

            Ya’know I’d rather play at 720p if it meant no FPS drops on BoTW.

            Correction: The PS4 Pro isn’t true 4K, and neither is the Xbox One S. They upscale, do some research. Even most PCs struggle at 4K, so what do you expect from a console half the cost of a decent CPU & MOBO? And Nintendo doesn’t have to have the best graphics to sell. I’d rather play a game with decent graphics, great controls, and an amazing story than a clunky piece of shit that looks great until you ACTUALLY start playing. They’ve always been the innovators, and this is exactly what people said about the Wii back in 2006, but its now the best selling console of all time. If they play their cards right, they might be able to do it. A friend of mine was at the Switch & Play event in NYC this weekend and he said he loved it. Even a friend he brought along who hates Nintendo enjoyed the console and admired the concept.

          • I expect a console that can play solid 1080P and hold a steady framerate, instead of it being only 900P and sometimes dropping into the teens.

          • GameSpate

            Have you played the console yourself to be saying that the fps drop that often? As far as I’m concerned, the console holds a sold fps set individually for each game

          • I’m just going off what Mr. Usher(the man that runs this site) said. It’s linked in my post.

            If it’s as bad as he’s saying… I think I’ll just stick with my PS4, thanks.

          • GameSpate

            And do you think this dude is a reliable source? Suit yourself.

          • More reliable than anyone in the mainstream press, that’s for damn sure.

          • Josh Lindberg

            It’s only running 900p on the wii u. It’s running 1080p and the switch

          • Nick

            I agree GameSpate, I’d rather watch them succeed. The Sega Genesis and SNES were my all time favorite systems growing up. You have no idea how many times I played Sonic 3 And Knuckles, Skitchen, Road Rash, etc. So it was painful to watch Sega have a slow and steady death. They almost made a comeback with the Dreamcast (I thought Phantasy Star Online and Jet Set Radio were amazing games!), but when they failed and died, there was a huge void in original games. Now, Sega plays it safe and just makes stuff just to get by.

            If Nintendo fails and dies, the same thing will happen. There will be a huge void in original game content. At the moment, they try really hard with their first party games to bring in sales, but if they are no longer making games for their own console, they might become like Sega and just make things to survive without really trying.

            Nintendo is one of the biggest innovators right now in the gaming market. The Xbox One Promised an “All-In-One entertainment system” then it launched and couldn’t even run MP4 video files on day one, which is the most used video format with cellphones. Really?
            (I own one)

            The kinect right now sits on top of my xbox as a decoration, it never gets used! The darn thing is literally pointless and useless for my gaming needs (except for spying on me).

            So at least Nintendo is trying something different, new and fun,and they still make interesting games.

            If they can just get their heads out of the clouds for a second and make a decent Metroid and F-Zero game, they’ll be back in business (Or a Pokemon Switch… that would be amazing…).

          • GameSpate

            “If they can just get their heads out of the clouds for a second and make a decent Metroid and F-Zero game, they’ll be back in business (Or a Pokémon Switch… that would be amazing…).”

            Metroid Prime 4 would be nice, and so would an F-Zero title. Imagine that on the Switch! My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and I’m on the brink of a total nerdgasm.

            And beautifully said by the way. I agree completely, in fact when I was writing that I actually thought of Sega for a moment.

          • Nick

            F-Zero on the switch would be amazing, it already has a built in drive wheel inside the controller, PLUS co-op right inside the machine without the need to buy extra accessories? That is AWESOME! If done right, this could be the rebirth of hardcore local play that we haven’t seen since 1999 (okay, we got a few more after that, but you know what I mean). 😛

            The concept right now has potential, they just need to deliver some good top-notch games by next Christmas to really wow us. Let’s hope their year one lineup keeps up the pace. This should be interesting since they have 3rd party title support backing them this time.

          • Unbiased

            To add to that, when Sega left the console business, their quality of games dropped significantly. Not saying the same thing would happen to Nintendo, but you never know. Everyone already knew Nintendo wasn’t going to try and compete with the power of Microsoft or Sony, but they do try different things that the other two might adopt or benefit from down the line. I love my PS4, but there’s really nothing innovative about it.

        • Josh Reynolds

          So I take it you want them to go third party then?

          Well news flash, that happened before with another company known for their IPs and mascots.

          First couple of years were good as they pumped out games intended for their own console.

          Then the mascot cash-ins began.

          So feel free to hope for a third party Nintendo if that means all you want to see is a yearly New Super Mario Bros along with F-Zero: Temple Run and Samus Jump.

          Companies like this only manage to provide good games while they have hardware to support. They just don’t try otherwise because they know people will buy their shit anyway.

  • Blake

    Its not that hard to sell out of something when you create an artificial shortage