Outlast 2 Will Launch On GOG.com Without DRM

One of the most highly anticipated horror games presumably coming out in 2017 is Red Barrels Outlast 2. The game has a “Coming Soon” label and is scheduled to release on GOG.com in addition to launching on Steam and for the PS4 and Xbox One. Releasing on GOG.com means that the game is DRM-free.

In an age where digital rights management completely hampers the experience of some PC games, it’s good to know that there’s a solid outlet for PC gamers so that they can get their games without feeling like their purchases are tethered to DRM like a criminal wearing an ankle bracelet.

We haven’t heard much about Outlast 2, just until it recently received a page on GOG.com with the notice that it’s coming soon.

The game itself features a couple venturing to a remote southern town in the United States. Things don’t quite go as planned when they head to the town to investigate some disappearances. Things take an even uglier turn when the couple gets separated and players have use their wits and a few items to try to outrun and outlast the villagers.

The game has a cool religious cult theme to it and I’m not exactly sure what direction it’s going to go in, but it’s decidedly different from the first game, which centered around occult-like experiments taking place at a prison.

So far we’ve only seen some demo footage of Outlast 2, which usually ends with the main character getting his gonads guillotined by a crazy lady. If that stays in the game and you have to go through the rest of the story without your balls… that would be very daring storytelling from Red Barrels.

Anyway, you can at least get a DRM-free copy of the game from GOG.com if you’re planning on getting the game for PC. It’s also scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox One as well.


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