Overwatch Oasis Map Launches For PC, PS4, Xbox One Gamers

Blizzard rolled out a new map for Overwatch. It’s a fancy temple-like stage set in an Arabian desert. Don’t worry, though, despite lots of cars driving around and plenty of buildings being close to the road, there are no car bombers that slam into the buildings and kill a bunch of innocent people in order to prove a point.

The new Oasis map does take a lot of cultural references and history from middle-east regions. There’s some obvious influences from India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We get see some fancy dining room areas where a robot waiter stands around waiting to wait on people, and we get to see the control point areas where players will attempt to wrest control from the opposing team. Oh yeah, and the map is a Control map, so you’ll be playing to control territories… like you do in the Control mode. You can check out a mellowed out fly-by of the map with a cool remix of the Overwatch theme song in the video below.

The map has already been glitched from top to bottom as YouTubers who participated in the PTR version of the map uploaded all sorts of wacky interactions with the cars, the giant tower in the back and other ways to funk the map up royally.

YouTuber Rhykker put together a series of glitches in a video released last month back when Blizzard was testing the map out.

It’s likely that all of those glitches have been addressed and fixed since the Oasis map was in the public test realm for about a month before releasing for home consoles and PC.

If you already own the game then the map should update automatically and become part of the Control playlist rotation.

Overwatch is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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