PC Gaming Generated $31 Billion In 2016, According To DFC Intelligence

Nvidia shared some interesting stats on their blog recently as they talked up their GeForce line, mobile gaming, laptop gaming and desktop gaming. In the blog post, Nvidia pointed to a report from DFC Intelligence where they estimated that the PC gaming market revenue grew to $31 billion in 2016.

They also cite NewZoo, who estimates that PC gaming is expected to grow by an additional 50 million users throughout 2017. Nvidia states that due to this explosive growth in both hardware and software, their business has literally doubled in the past five years.

DFC’s report from back in October, 2016 indicated that they estimate the overall gaming industry to grow by 2020 to hit $98 billion with an annual growth rate of 5%, this is despite the fact that they feel there will be continued slowdown in sales from the retail bracket. However, similar to the Superdata report, there is a lot of expected growth in the freemium market, the mobile market (for casual gamers) and the core PC market.

Nvidia is looking to capitalize on the sales of PC gaming, attempting to offer hardcore gaming opportunities for every demographic on the map, from casual gamers to mid-core gamers to hardcore gamers. They recently unveiled their new cloud streaming solution for in-home use, enabling gamers to stream high-end, 4K gaming at 60fps using their new and improved Nvidia Shield TV micro-console, which also leverages the Nvidia Shield brand of Android gaming.

They also announced in the blog post that they have a line of gaming laptops designed to be cost-effective and high-end, offering gamers 1080p gaming with uncapped frame-rates for hardcore titles, with 30 different iterations of their gaming laptops expected to ship during the first quarter of 2017.

The upper echelon of their offerings is where things get expensive but also get sexy, where their Pascal line of the GTX 10 series leads the way in cutting edge graphics technology and top-of-the-line rendering for home gaming and productivity.

They’re also tweaking their GPUs to work more in line with the budding 4K gaming scene, announcing that they first G-Sync monitors for 2017 will allow for 4K curved display output at 120hz with HDR panels.

I hate to say it but Nvidia has really taken off and left AMD in the dust. Hopefully the red brand can get their act together and finally produce some noteworthy graphics tech for this year.


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