Pit People: Guide To Learning The Basics And Finding Secrets

In this guide for The Behemoth’s Pit People, folks will learn the basic gameplay mechanics, understanding characters and finding secret spots hidden throughout the game. Pit People is currently available to play on PC via Steam and Xbox One.

The first thing on this list that is very important for players to know is all of the characters that can join your team. Thanks to a list that Killjoy4 posted shows all races and characters in the game. The list also reveals weak points, strengths and much more, which you can read the full list by visiting Killjoy4’s Steam Community page, or you can see all character names below:

  • Humans
  • Demi-Clops
  • Cupcake
  • Cyclops
  • Mushroom
  • Hair Troll
  • Vampiress
  • Octoclops
  • Electrobot
  • Wraith
  • Mascot
  • Rainbow Horse
  • Pixie
  • Spidaur
  • Kobolds
  • Gnome
  • Zombie
  • Gorgon
  • Troll Mother

Next up is playing through the game and understanding the basic rules. A video guide by SwingPoynt plays through more than 30 minutes worth of the game and covers quite a bit of features and areas found in Pit People in two videos. You can check out both videos below if you are looking for a quick playthrough guide.

The next section of this guide will focus on secret spots and levers hidden around the world of Pit People. The locations and secrets listed arrive in by Firemaple who posted a guide on Steam’s Community page.

Lever Locations

Fudge Maker Bay: A lever can be found to the North-East of town in Fudge Maker Bay.

Manor of Whoa: The second lever can be found by heading North of town in Manor of Whoa.

King Dualcores Robozone: The third lever can be found by going East of town, this area is located in the islands surrounding King Dualcores Robozone.

Dumpy Vale Times: There is another lever (the forth lever) to the South-East of town in the Dumpy Vale Times.

Goldie Twists Basin of Buttes: The fifth lever can be found by heading to the South-West of town in the Goldie Twists Basin of Buttes.

Fountain of Ruth: The last and final lever can be found in the far South-West part of town, which is near the Fountain of Ruth.

The reward for flipping all of the levers takes the player to an Alternate Timeline, Pip’s Castle. This location holds rare loot like the Time Hammer, but if you want to leave just flip the three levers around you to go back.

Blue Pedestal Locations


Happy Birthmaze: There is a pedestal in Happy Birthmaze, which sits to the North of town.

Lushabye Lane: There is a pedestal sitting in Lushabye Lane that can be found near a pond.

Temple of Assume: There is a pedestal near the Temple of Assume.

Manor of Whoa: The fourth pedestal can be found above the Manor of Whoa.

Snake Pits of Tranquility: The fifth pedestal can be found in the Snake Pits of Tranquility.

The Sea of Spikes: There is a pedestal in The Sea of Spikes located South-East of town.

Players upon finding all of the pedestals will be transported to a fish tongue and there they will be met by Yosef’s dad. This location holds The Axes of Dad.

Green Pedestal Locations

Fields of the Gastromancer: The pedestal can be found near a banana, apple and hotdog.

Honeyhaunch’s Hideout: The second pedestal can be found near a bunch of cut down trees near a body of water.

Treat Retreat Retirement Home: The third pedestal can be found near a pier off the water near Treat Retreat Retirement Home.

Wood of Serious Wrongness: The fourth pedestal can be found in the Wood of Serious Wrongness by heading South of the Manor of Whoa.

Chasm of Deep Though: It is almost hard to describe this pedestal’s location so here is a link that user Magick posted up of the Fifth Pedestal.

Bear: There is a pedestal near the body of the bear in the North-West part of the map (this is near a waterfall and gate).

Upon finishing the pedestals you will be transported to Prehistopia. There will be three flags in the location, which walking up to them will tell the story of Prehistopia. After completing the story you will be given the T-Rex helmet.

Pit People is out now and runs for $14.99 over on Steam Early Access. You can learn more about this game by heading over to pitpeople.com.


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